Clergy, Staff & Vestry


The Rev. Dr. R. Leigh Spruill, Rector

The Rev. Colin Ambrose, Vice Rector

The Rev. David Barr, Associate Rector

The Rev. Margery Kennelly, Associate Rector

The Rev. Clinton Wilson, Associate Rector

The Rev. Richard Kew, Priest Associate

The Rev. Timus Taylor, Priest Associate

The Ven. Dr. Martin Odidi, Priest Associate

Lay Ministry Engagement

Rebecca Teel, Parish Secretary


Elizabeth Reavis, Director of Communications

Sandra Beld, Communications Coordinator


The Rev. Colin Ambrose, Vice Rector

Ministry Team Lead

Rebecca Teel, Parish Secretary

Staff Support


Dr. Woosug Kang, Director of Music Ministries

Gerry Senechal, Associate Director of Music Ministries & Organist

Jonathan Riggs, Music Leader for The Table

Stephanie Elder, Music Librarian & Administrator

Emily Hinkle, Director of St. Dunstan's Choir

Christian Fellowship & Formation

The Rev. Clint Wilson, Associate Rector

Ministry Team Lead

Susalee Spruill, Pastoral Care Coordinator

Pam Palmer, Interim Leader of Children’s Ministries

Sandra Sarratt, Nursery Coordinator

Sadie Zoradi, Director of Youth Ministries

Marshall Clark, Associate Director of Youth Ministries

Daniel Huff, Youth Ministry Coordinator

Heather Lawrence, Director of Campus Ministry

Outreach & Mission

Sandra Beld, Communications Coordinator

Staff Support

Administration & Facilities

Laura Zabaski, Parish Administrative Officer

Catherine Beemer, Director of Parish Giving

Claudia Taylor, Executive Assistant to the Rector

Rebecca Teel, Parish Secretary

Katy Valesky, Financial Secretary

Kareem Thompson, Facility Manager

Rick Backhouse, Sexton

Pavel Nemec, Sexton

Roman Vlcek, Sexton

Ken Webb, Sexton


The vestry is the “board” of the Episcopal church, which has material responsibility for the parish within a commission/committee structure. Our current vestry is comprised of sixteen church members. New vestry members are elected annually to serve three-year terms.

  • Jim Beckner
  • Bill DeCamp
  • Frank Downey, Treasurer
  • Alice Essary, Commissioner for Outreach & Mission
  • Steve Fridrich, Senior Warden
  • Donald (Duck) Johnston
  • Craig Laine, Commissioner for Worship
  • Graham Meadors
  • Paige Menge, Commissioner for Fellowship & Formation
  • Sally Nesbitt, Junior Warden
  • Bill Pomy
  • Charlotte Ward
  • Ansley Wells, Clerk
  • Govan White