Clergy, Staff & Vestry


The Rev. Colin Ambrose, Priest-in-Charge

The Rev. Dr. David Barr, Associate Rector

The Rev. Margery Kennelly, Associate Rector

The Rev. Caroline Osborne, Associate Rector

The Rev. Richard Kew, Priest Associate

The Ven. Dr. Martin Odidi, Priest Associate

The Rev. Roger Senechal, Priest Associate for Senior Ministries

The Rev. Timus Taylor, Priest Associate

The Rev. James K. Polk Van Zandt, Priest Associate

Music Staff

Dr. Woosug Kang, Director of Music Ministries

Gerry Senechal, Associate Director of Music Ministries & Organist

Becca Jordan, Music Leader for The Table

Emily Hinkle, Director of St. Dunstan's Choir

Stephanie Elder, Worship & Communications Coordinator

Family Ministries Staff

Cate Jones, Director of Children's and Family Ministries

Daniel Huff, Director of Youth Ministries

Julie Gibbons, Associate Director of Children's & Family Ministries

Robbie Moore, Associate Director of Youth Ministries

Sandra Sarratt, Nursery Coordinator

Administration & Facilities Staff

Martha Rodes, Director of Lay Ministry Engagement

Robin Puryear, Director of Pastoral Care

Agatha Nolen, Director of Outreach

Catherine Beemer, Director of Parish Giving

Laura Zabaski, Parish Administrative Officer

Rebecca Teel, Director of Communications

Stephanie Elder, Worship & Communications Coordinator

Elizabeth Reavis, Special Projects Coordinator

Claudia Taylor, Executive Assistant

Ashley Sullivan, Administrative Assistant

Charlotte Woolwine, Financial Secretary

Rick Backhouse, Sexton

Josh Foster, Sexton

Sydney Kincaide, Sexton

Pavel Nemec, Sexton


The vestry is the “board” of the Episcopal church, which has material responsibility for the parish within a commission/committee structure. Our current vestry is comprised of 12 church members. New vestry members are elected annually to serve three-year terms.  Our commissioners each take responsibility for overseeing one of the three components of our mission statement, "receiving, living, and sharing the abundant life of Jesus Christ."  Along with the wardens and treasurer, the commissioners comprise the Executive Committee of the vestry.

  • Jan Callen, Live Commissioner
  • Suann Davis
  • Stephanie Gillmor, Clerk
  • Craig Laine, Senior Warden
  • Graham Meadors, Receive Commissioner
  • Kate Meriwether
  • David Moroney, Share Commissioner
  • David Silvester
  • Bob Van Cleave, Treasurer
  • Charlotte Ward, Junior Warden
  • Govan White
  • Kelly Worman