Senior Ministry Photo Scavenger Hunt

Time for fun and adventure!  It is time to go “beyond the mailbox” and start the Photo Scavenger Hunt adventure. We thought it would be fun to have safe places to go by solving the clues in a Photo Scavenger Hunt.

How to Participate

The list of clues for the fifteen places is below. Solve the clues, drive to the locations, and take a photograph. When you have taken the fifteen photographs, please e-mail them to Karen Lackey at Please send three e-mails with five pictures attached to each one. A slide show will be created using everyone’s photographs.

The adventure will end with us gathering under the tent at church on Saturday, September 26 at 5:00 p.m. There will be plenty of space to have social distancing. We’ll wear our masks, swap stories, share fellowship, and view the slideshow on two laptops. Please bring snacks and drinks of choice and a chair. There will be a drawing for door prizes. Go and have fun, and we’ll see you on the 26th.

A printed copy of the clues can be obtained at the reception desk in the church office.


  1. Don’t you know, for more than 65 years this is the place to go, for homemade biscuits, jam, fried chicken, and country ham.
  2. What sign can you find naming this travel corridor through Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi that was used by American Indians, European settlers, soldiers, and future Presidents.
  3. To Bellevue we go, to see the tail end of a train. It attracts people to the park named after it, and we play sun or rain.
  4. Green eggs and ham, I am Sam, I am. This popular sports bar that bears my name is the Place to go for good food and TV sports.
  5. Visit a lovely turn-of-the-century home that boarded, bred, and raced thoroughbreds at the beautiful meadow.
  6. He slayed the dragon (or devil), and he stands outside the Church as a gift from Donia Dickerson.
  7. On 51st Ave N go to the end of the line and find a tall mural that is mighty fine.
  8. Find the neon glowing sign for all ages to satisfy their sweet tooth with melt-in-your-mouth pastries. Near the mall, y’all.
  9. Don’t be blue while checking out this clue. The birds are singing when you go to this intimate place to listen to new songs by singer-songwriters in the round.
  10. You may be PANTING while waiting in a long line out the door, in order to get fluffy pancakes, syrup, and gooey butter galore.
  11. Who let the dogs out? This place used to house dogs, cats, lizards, and mice, but now people eat treats, and drink Bongo Java coffee and drinks with ice.
  12. The mosaic covered dragon sculpture comes out of the ground for all to climb and look around. One can run through the tunnel, swing high to the sky, or climb and slide to the ground.
  13. Nashville is great. I believe and Nashvillians believe in many things. Next to sweet Reese’s Draper James store is the mural that reflects a strong   belief.
  14. Round and round you go on the roundabout to see nine 16-foot statues explode from the ground. At times, they are dressed for Halloween or St.   Patrick’s Day, but they are always dancing around.
  15. This was constructed to celebrate Nashville as the “Athens of the South”. Find the full-scale replica of an ancient pagan temple dedicated to the goddess Athena, protector of Athens.