Giving Stock & Mutual Funds

Appreciated stocks owned for more than one year can be donated to St. George’s Episcopal Church and may be deducted for income tax purposes at full fair market value on the date of the transfer, with no significant capital gain tax liability.  If the stock is in a brokerage or bank trust account, instruct your stock broker/banker to have the stock electronically transferred to St. George’s account.

Brokerage Firm:  Wells Fargo Advisors
Account Name:  St. George’s Episcopal Church
Number: 5884-7243
DTC (Depository Trust Company) #0141

Please contact Laura Zabaski, Parish Administrative Officer, advising us of your gift so that we may send the proper document for support of your tax deduction.

Laura Zabaski, Parish Administrative Officer
St. George’s Episcopal Church
4715 Harding Pike
Nashville, TN 37205
615-385-2150 x 242

Our broker's contact information is as follows:
Calvin Lewis, Managing Director of Investments
Wells Fargo Advisors
150 3rd Avenue South, Suite 2100
Nashville, TN 37201