St. George's Farmers Market

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Thursdays, May 5 - August 25

3:30 - 6:00pm

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Volunteers Needed!

Four volunteers are needed each Thursday to host the market.  Two shifts available: 2:30-5:00pm and 4:00-6:00pm.

Sign up to help now!  Questions?  Contact Volunteer Coordinator Meg Ritchie, at or 615-969-7634.


Welcome, Vendors

Are you a local grower or maker? We would love for you to apply for our 2022 producer-only market.  Please submit the online application to be considered.


To Market,To Market

Making connections at the St. George’s Farmers Market

By Lauren Isenhour

To volunteer is an honor:  when you volunteer for an organization or cause that you love, it’s not only a gift for the people you serve, but a gift for your own soul.  I believe that good food nourishes the body and mind in the most positive of ways.  Our own Middle Tennessee farmer community works year round to plant, harvest, gather and deliver the best-in-quality ingredients and products to the St. George’s Farmers Market and makes it possible for us all to partake in what our backyard has to offer in the peak of its season.

I had the pleasure of joining the volunteer team for the St. George’s Farmers Market last year in its fourth season and saw firsthand what it means to connect farmers and artisans to consumers of their products.  Not only are the farmers proud to display their bounties, but they also love to talk about their craft and answer questions such as how they raise their animals, what natural farming techniques they use and how they yield the beautiful specimen placed before you. There is a sense of gratitude and appreciation that is shared by both parties and an unspoken feeling of belonging to a part of the circle of life. 

We had one of our best seasons last year, which included a range of old and new vendors and an assortment of meat, fish, produce, bread, baked goods, homemade pastas, and more.  To move from one market tent to the next and be able to plan an entire meal, start to finish, is a beautiful thing.  Free Range Farm’s grass-fed beef, Lillian St. Bread’s perfectly crusty tordu baguettes, Old School Farm’s plump okra and Fresh and Local’s vine ripe tomatoes are just a sampling of the offerings that could be brought together for a hearty, healthy meal—all found in the same place.

Farmers markets are also so much easier than walking the aisles of a grocery store— a place that provides you with almost too many options, many of which are unhealthy these days.  When you cook seasonally with farmers market fresh ingredients, it allows your creativity to flourish as you focus on what you can do with a single ingredient that looks good enough to eat before even beginning to cook it.  Meals become simpler and so does the idea of cooking on a weeknight!  Still don’t feel like cooking?  Try one of Alfresco Pasta’s hand-crafted tortellinis with basil pesto sauce or a satisfying lentil and kale soup from The Soup Lady.   

We hope you will come out to the market this season, or perhaps even volunteer.  There is no better way to feed your soul, body, and mind all in one place!