As Christians we are called to share our faith with others, we seek to empower our youth to be bold disciples and engage in mission in their home, schools, and communities.

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RECEIVE: Worship | Visit this page for information about Sunday mornings, acolytes, lectors, choristers, and youth confirmation.

LIVE: Discipleship | Visit this page for information about Youth Discipleship, including events, Wednesday night youth group, and Bible studies.

Harvest Hands Meal Train

Harvest Hands is an amazing ministry that we have partnered with for many years! Due to COVID-19 they are no longer able to act as an afterschool program, but have instead opened up there facilities as a space where students can work and recieve help for their virtual schooling with Metro Nashville Public Schools. They are asking for lunches to be provided for both students and staff on Wednesday & Thursdays each week and we would love your help to support! Follow the link if you are interested in providing a meal!


Monthly Service Opportunities

We want to provide as many opportunities for our youth to live out their faith in our local community by serving others. Be on the lookout for monthly service events as we strive to bear the light of Christ here in Nashville.

Our Little Roses, Honduras (OLR)

Our annual summer mission trip to OLR is a life-transforming trip that gives our youth a glimpse into anouther culture and teaches them how to love others well across boundaries.

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