Through teaching, discipleship, and relationship, we grow in our faith together and create a community with a deep sense of belonging.

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RECEIVE: Worship | Visit this page for information about Sunday mornings, acolytes, lectors, choristers, and youth confirmation.

SHARE: Mission | Visit this page for information about weekly, monthly, and annual service opportunities.

Events (2020-2021)

Even in the midst of confusion and coronavirus, we still want to hang out with you all and create opportunities to foster friendships as we walk out our life in Christ together! Due to unfolding regulations for COVID-19, note that all these dates are tentative and subject to change, so be on the lookout for updates!

  • Family Fall Kick-Off, September 13th at the 9AM Table Under the Tent Service
  • Churchball, November-February
  • Compline, Queso, and Compassion, December 6th
  • Ski Retreat, January 15-18
  • Climb Nashville All-Nighter, TBD
  • Pancake Supper, February 16
  • Youth Sunday, May 2

Parent Permission Form (Required for various events). Additional info will be added here as it is available.


Prayer Partnership

We are launching a new initiative this year to have all our youth and children paired with an adult within the church who will commit to praying for them for an entire school year. We believe that prayer has power! Our vision is that this will create a culture of prayer, mentorship, and inter-generational relationships within our church community that will enrich and build up the lives of both our youth and adults. Follow the links for more information or to sign up!

Essentials: A Small Group Study in the Gospel of Mark

Because of our present social distancing guidelines, small groups have never been more important, which is why we as a church are going to be working through the Gospel of Mark in small groups! We will be having youth small groups for a variety of grades and ages and encourage any interested youth to participate as we grow deeper in our relationships with one another and with God! For more information or to be added to a group, email Daniel Huff!