The heartbeat of the Christian life is each person’s relationship with God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. At St. George’s, we grow in our individual relationship with the Lord through the spiritual disciplines, including service.
Volunteer Opportunities

Please explore how you can serve both at St. George’s and with our community partners by clicking one of the buttons below. If you would like to talk with someone regarding how to best use your God-given gifts and talents, please contact Martha Rodes, Director of Lay Ministry Engagement, at 615-385-2150 x 249.

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Helping Holy Land Christians

Helping holy land christians (HHLC) was founded 12 years ago by parishioners Paul Teschan, Linda Crane, and Sally Miller after they returned from St. George’s first pilgrimage to the Holy Land with a deep desire to help our Christian brothers and sisters in that part of the world. Since its founding, Helping Holy Land Christians has raised approximately $125,000, mostly for scholarships to Christian schools for the children of Christian families.

HHLC currently has a need for volunteers to teach English via computer. Originally, their English Language Learning (ELL) work was focused on helping scholarship students with their English. ELL has morphed into helping young professionals, such as tour guides, develop better English language skills. To learn more or to volunteer, contact Bob Schwartz at 615-419-9615 or robertrschwartz@yahoo.com.

Social Enterprise Partners

St. George's Enterprise Ministry (SGEM) invests in new mission initiatives through funding and relationships for the purpose of blessing the Nashville community. The organizations listed below are current or former partners with St. George's, and there are opportunities to support their work at their websites below. Learn more about the SGEM funding process here.

Crossroads Campus

Crossroads Campus seeks to end the cycle of poverty and homelessness for young people who have been impacted by social inequality and other traumas while striving to end the unnecessary euthanasia of abandoned animals. They provide job training,        employment, and affordable housing for young adults and adoptions for homeless dogs and cats through Crossroads Pets Shop and Adopt, a non-profit pet retail and grooming business.

To learn more about Crossroads Campus, please visit crossroadscampus.org.

Project Return's PROPS

Project Return fights for the successful new beginnings for people returning to our community after incarceration. PROPS is a social enterprise focused on supporting individuals with counseling, training, and employment in the field of property maintenance.

To learn more about Project Return, please visit projectreturninc.org.

Humphreys Street Coffee

Born out of a desire to create jobs in their neighborhood,
provide mentoring opportunities that empower youth, and train teenagers in job skills such as customer service, marketing, and craftsmanship, Humphreys Street Coffee was created. They are a social enterprise within their parent non-profit, Harvest Hands Community Development, and employ 16 teens per year. One hundred percent of their profits are reinvested into programs and scholarships that support their students.

To learn more about Humphreys Street Coffee, please visit humphreysstreet.com.

Corner to Corner 

Corner to Corner exists to extend the hope of Christ through gospel word and loving deed. 

To learn more about Corner to Corner, please visit cornertocorner.org.

Justice Industries

Justice Industries focuses on hiring valuable contributors who have been seen as “unemployable.” Their staff and employees come from a variety of backgrounds and are all survivors of trauma such as homelessness, addiction, incarceration, mental illness and domestic violence. They seek to provide a clear track of upward mobility—maximizing each person’s personal growth, professional development, and overall opportunity for expanded income and self-sustainability. Their largest industry to date is Just.Glass, which offers glass recycling services in Nashville.

To learn more about Justice Industries, please visit justiceindustries.org.

Poverty & the Arts

Poverty & the Arts is a social enterprise nonprofit that provides opportunities for artists overcoming homelessness to engage in creative outlets, learn income through selling artwork and merchandise, develop entrepreneurial and professional skills, and build community relationships. In their Artist Collective program, artists utilize the provided art supplies and studio space to create artwork in partnership with mentors from the local art community.

To learn more about Poverty & the Arts, please visit povertyandthearts.org.