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Dana Sherrard's Bible Studies

Dana Sherrard is an active member of St. George's Church and a gifted teacher. These are some of her previous classes made available for listening online.

Listening on your mobile device? Download the free SoundCloud mobile app for access to Dana's classes on-the-go. Search for "St. George's Nashville" in the app and look for our logo.


Galatians & Freedom in the New Covenant

In today’s performance-driven world, many of us never break free from the bondage of working and striving to please God and earn his acceptance. God knows and understands this and speaks to us through Paul in this exciting and liberating letter.

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Making Sense of Today's World - An Overview of Prophecy

Many of us today are anxious, fearful and confused about events happening all around us. As Christians, it is imperative to know what God has to say about end-time events in order to make sense of the times in which we are living. There is good news for us!

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To Daniel alone was given, in chronological order, the future events concerning the Jews and the Gentiles, from his day (c. 550BC) all the way to the second coming of Christ. By studying the prophecies given to Daniel, we form a foundation upon which to study all other biblical prophecies. 

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Effectual Prayer

What a privilege we have as Christians to be able to communicate freely with our God who listens and responds to our prayers. We’ll look from a biblical perspective at what God has to say about prayer in contrast to what we might think, have been taught, or have experienced.

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The Triumphant Church

This course looks at the church from a biblical perspective — seeing what God says about the Church, why we are here, what we are to be doing, our equipping, and what the glorious future of the church means for us.

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Living a Godly Lifestyle in an Ungodly World

This course is going to examine the situation we find ourselves in, the causes of our struggles, and the means of overcoming these struggles. We can indeed live out our faith in a way that brings honor and glory to God.

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Spiritual Warfare

There is resistance from the spiritual realm to your knowing the truth, communicating with God, living a victorious life, running the race God has for you, and being the kind of person God desires you to be. This course is about learning to use the spiritual weapons God has provided for us to overcome this enemy.

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Philippians is a book about how to have peace and joy in our lives despite difficult circumstances. Everyone I know wants joy and peace, but most of us go about it the wrong way. Only when we change our own priorities can we experience the peace and joy of God in our lives.

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An understanding of the covenants God has made with man is essential in order for the Bible to make sense. In fact, the words “Old Testament” and “New Testament” in Greek literally mean “Old Covenant” and “New Covenant.” We as Christians must understand who we are in Christ and just what this covenant relationship entails.

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Understanding the Bible

Everything we believe as Christians from our salvation to our future resurrection depends on the total truthfulness of the Bible. Once we have addressed basic questions about the Bible, we will proceed to study how to properly approach, correctly interpret, and apply the Bible’s teachings to our lives.

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The Feasts of the Lord

In the Scriptures, God set aside fixed times or appointments for his people, the Israelites, to come together and feast, celebrate and be with him in a special sense. When we study these feasts from Leviticus 23 in detail, we will see astounding things unfold.

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Living a Life of Faith

What is faith — where does it come from and what does it do? This course offers a biblical view of faith with emphasis on Hebrews 11 where we study those God considers great men and women of faith.

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Book of Revelation

The Revelation to John is the only book in the Bible that specifically promises a blessing to those who read, hear, and heed its prophetic words. Therefore, in this course we read Revelation aloud from beginning to end, examining it verse by verse to see the fulfillment of all God’s promises and prophecies from Genesis to Revelation.

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Knowing God through His Holy Spirit

This course will start at the beginning of the Scriptures and trace the person and work of the Holy Spirit throughout the Bible, Our goal is to come to a more intimate knowledge of this third person of the Trinity and learn to hear his voice and follow his leading.

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