2020 Annual Stewardship Campaign

Thankful Thursday Testimonial

David Moroney, Finance Committee Leader

Your pledge matters, and the timeliness of your pledge matters as well. Each year, the total dollar amount pledged during the annual stewardship campaign determines the final operating budget approved by the vestry.

St. George’s operates on an annual calendar year budget. The budget process starts each year in the fall with input from the rector, staff, vestry, and program leaders. A draft budget is reviewed by the Finance Committee in December. Then, based on the results of the annual stewardship campaign, the draft budget is reviewed, modified, and approved by the vestry to produce the final budget in January. The majority of receipts (income) in our operating budget – typically more than 80 percent – comes from pledges.

We trust that God will always provide the resources for the work to which we are called. Responsible stewardship and church administration involve planning on our part. The annual budget reflects and represents our plans for the year and commitments we make to our ministries, programs, clergy, staff, and others.

So, please prayerfully make your pledge and make it soon!

Please prayerfully consider your pledge to St. George’s. Click below to pledge now. Questions? Contact Catherine Beemer, Director of Parish Giving.

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Do you have questions about this year's stewardship campaign? Please contact Catherine Beemer, Director of Parish Giving at 615-385-2150 x 244 or catherine.beemer@stgeorgesnashville.org.

Questions about your pledge or Realm? Please contact Rebecca Teel, Parish Secretary at 615-385-2150 x 213 or rebecca.teel@stgeorgesnasvhille.org.