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Announcing Our 2022 Partner Organizations

We are pleased to announce our award recipients for 2022: Friends Life and My Bag My Story. Please read below to learn more about the good work they are all doing in the Nashville community. Through St. George's Enterprise Ministry (SGEM), we pledge to support these organizations through mentoring, professional resources, and funding. We encourage you to support their work in our community.

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Friends Life Treat Truck

The Friends Life Treat Truck is a new social enterprise from an existing non-profit called Friends Life Community, which helps young adults with developmental disabilities gain social and work skills.  The Treat Truck started as a self-sustaining way to get the “friends” into the Nashville area both to work on their skills and to educate the community about people with developmental disabilities. Staff drive the truck to different locations, and the friends man the truck, taking orders and handing out treats. When the truck has a daytime event, it is part of the Friends Life curriculum. When the truck has an event in the evenings or on a weekend, it is a work opportunity for the friends. It provides a resume builder and income source, as well as a learning opportunity.

Through the SGEM partnership, St. George’s will assist Friends Life with an upgrade for the treat truck. Instead of a pull-behind trailer, the friends will work with a food truck. Friends Life will also have new resources to update the behind-the-scenes processes that support their meaningful work.

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My Bag My Story

When founder and foster care mom, Cara Finger, saw that her foster care children came to her with their only belongings in a trash bag, she was heartbroken and moved to action.  My Bag My Story (MBMS) was founded in 2019 out of her passion to end this indignity experienced by foster children. This non-profit organization sells high-quality backpacks, duffel bags, and pouches. For bag sold, an identical one is donated to a child in foster care. This gift then takes the place of the trash bag most foster care children use to transport their belongings from one foster home to another. 

To date, My Bag My Story has donated over 1,000 bags to children. With approximately 8,500 children in Tennessee’s foster care system, and more than 650 in Davidson County, the work of this organization is greatly needed. Each bag sale is an opportunity to spread awareness of the foster care crisis and develop a network of supporters.

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Grant Recipients

Current Partners

Crossroads Campus

Crossroads Campus seeks to end the cycle of poverty and homelessness for young people who have been impacted by inequity, social inequality, and other traumas while striving to end the unnecessary euthanasia of abandoned animals. They provide job training, employment, and affordable housing for young adults and adoptions for homeless dogs and cats through their Crossroads Pets Shop and Adopt, a non-profit pet retail and grooming business.

To learn more about Crossroads Campus, please visit

Humphreys Street Coffee

Humphreys Street Coffee was born out of a desire to create jobs, provide mentoring opportunities that empower youth, and train teenagers in job skills such as customer service, marketing, and craftsmanship. One hundred percent of their profits are reinvested into programs and scholarships that support their students.

To learn more about Humphreys Street Coffee, please visit

Project Return’s PROPS

Project Return is solely dedicated to the successful new beginnings of people who are returning to our community after incarceration with the goal of a full and free life after incarceration. PROPS is Project Return’s social enterprise focused on counseling, training, and employment of these people to do property maintenance work.

To learn more about Project Return, please visit

Previous Partners

Corner to Corner 

Corner to Corner exists to extend the hope of Christ through gospel word and loving deed, focusing on education, economic development, and spiritual growth in our community, believing Nashville can be a place where all neighbors flourish.

To learn more about Corner to Corner, please visit

Daybreak Arts

Daybreak Arts is a social enterprise nonprofit that provides opportunities for artists overcoming homelessness to engage in creative outlets, learn income through selling artwork and merchandise, develop entrepreneurial and professional skills, and build community relationships.

To learn more about Daybreak Arts, please visit

Justice Industries (Just.Wash)

Justice Industries focuses on hiring valuable contributors who have been seen as “unemployable.” Their staff and employees come from a variety of backgrounds and are all survivors of trauma such as homelessness, addiction, incarceration, mental illness and domestic violence. They seek to provide a clear track of upward mobility — maximizing each person’s personal growth, professional development, and overall opportunity for expanded income and self-sustainability.

To learn more about Justice Industries, please visit

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About St. George's Enterprise Ministry (SGEM)

The St. George’s Enterprise Ministry (SGEM) was formed as a new mission initiative that would bless the Nashville community and serve as a catalyst for future St. George’s ministry opportunities and relationships outside the parish.

In addition to funding, our partners receive business mentoring, leadership development, professional and volunteer connections, and support of their social enterprise from our church members.

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