Annual Grant Partners

St. George’s Episcopal Church makes annual grants to nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations.

Questions? Contact Ashley Sullivan, Adminstrative Assistant | 615-385-2150 x 209 or 

Grant Application

For 2023 Funding

Apply Now

An agency applicant must submit the completed application to St. George's Episcopal Church (via email, mail, or hand delivery) by Monday, August 1, 2022 at 4:00pm. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

If submitted via hard copy, 2 copies should be sent to:

Ashley Sullivan, Administrative Assistant
St. George's Episcopal Church
4715 Harding Pike
Nashville, TN 37205

If submitted electronically, applications should be sent to:

Process and Timeline

August/September — St. George’s Share Committee researches each application, including telephone interviews and/or site visits with the applying agency if needed.

September/October — The committee meets to review all applications as a group and determine allocations of funds for the funding cycle.

November — The committee makes the funding recommendations to the Outreach Management Committee; the Outreach Management Committee makes funding recommendations to the St. George’s Vestry.

January — St. George’s Episcopal Church budget is ratified.

February — Funding applicants notified of final decision by February 28.

Grant Guidelines

St. George’s considers the following values as a way of prioritizing organizations and initiatives we partner with financially:

  • Congruence with St. George’s mission to receive, live, and share the abundant life of Jesus Christ

  • Emphasis on equitable relationships between the organization and those served

  • Focus on long-term development, as opposed to short-term relief or rehabilitation

  • Potential impact of St. George’s contribution to the organization

  • Robust relationships existing or desired between St. George’s and the organization in ways other than financial


St. George’s Episcopal Church makes annual grants to nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations. St. George’s awards grants only once each calendar year and considers only one application from an organization within a calendar year.

Commitment to Informed Grant-Making

St. George’s performs due diligence on all funding applicants to ensure that they are effective and healthy nonprofit organizations. St. George’s takes into consideration not only the written application, but also the results of telephone interviews, site visits, and public records.

Not All Projects Can Be Funded

The vestry of St. George’s Episcopal Church has the responsibility for the final approval of each grant. Since St. George’s Episcopal Church receives funding requests that far exceed our grant budget, we cannot fund every worthy project. A decision not to fund a proposal does not reflect on the merits of the proposal or the applicant’s organization. Grants are awarded on the merits of the grant request yearly. Organizations should not expect that prior awards guarantee future awards.