Submit Your Vestry Nominations

St. George’s Vestry Nominating Committee is comprised of past and current members of St. George’s vestry, charged with the important task of seeking and recommending, qualified candidates to serve as vestry members for three-year terms. The Vestry Nominating Committee is actively soliciting input from fellow parishioners to fill the vestry slate for next year. If you have a recommendation or would like to serve on St. George’s vestry, please contact a member of the committee immediately or email This year’s nominating committee is: Steve Fridrich (Senior Warden), Alice Essary (Junior Warden), Kelly Worman, Graham Meadors, Paige Menge, James Hundley, Sally Nebitt, and Leigh Hillenmeyer. We are thankful for your valuable feedback and for the hard work the Vestry Nominating Committee does to ensure the very best leadership for our parish.