Three years ago, as St. George’s was seeking additional ways to connect parishioners and ministries to one another, a vestry ad hoc committee determined that The City was the best electronic tool available at the time.

Our experience was that The City did some things well, including communicating within defined groups, setting up recurring gifts to the church, and giving individuals easy access to their giving statements. But, we also ran into The City’s limitations, including barriers to adoption that seemed to be too high for many.

We are pleased that ACS Technologies has addressed these issues as they have brought together a whole suite of dynamic tools into one ministry platform. It’s called Realm. We are excited for this upgrade.

It is an easy to use platform with lower barriers to entry. A few of the benefits include the ability for parishioners to find and join groups, give gifts, access giving statements, and register for events.

Realm is one more way we are seeking to help people find their place and a deeper sense of belonging at St. George’s.

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Questions? Contact Rebecca Teel, Parish Secretary.