New Sunday Classes in Lent

Parenting Class

Longing for God: Table Conversations for All Ages

February 23 - March 29 | Dandridge A & B (upstairs)

How do we talk with our children about our longing for God, about our need to repent, about our hope of life beyond this one on earth? How do the Scriptures guide our family discussions about these concerns? During this class we will learn how to have meaningful spiritual discussions with our children. In addition, each week we will discuss a different spiritual practice to explore with your children. These practices include reading the Bible, giving alms, prayer, fasting, and confession. Class meets in Dandridge A & B. For more information, contact the Rev. Margery Kennelly at

Vices and Virtues

Sundays, March 1 - 29 | Johnson Hall

God’s grace is a gift, enabling us to grow in virtue.  As we explore the classic pitfalls of our human condition, we will be encouraged by God’s call for us to be transformed by His grace.  This class will utilize classic Christian teaching on vices and virtues, equipping us to grow in humility, courage, patience, kindness and much more!