Foyer Groups

These are small groups of 8-12 adults who gather to enjoy casual fellowship and a meal once a month for four months. Each group can decide how and when they want to dine – what day of the week and where (in someone’s home, most frequently, or in a restaurant). Typically foyer groups are multigenerational and roam from house to house; the host for the evening provides the main dish while everyone else provides the sides. No programming is involved – just good old fashioned social time.

Registration is for one semester at a time so you can come and go with life seasons. Groups will be scrambled and remade each semester.

Reserve your place in a foyer group for January - April by contacting us at or  615-385-2150 x 262.  

Questions? Contact Katie Agnew (615-712-4316) or Emily Walker (865-789-5798) for more information.