Announcement from Clint Wilson

Farewell Reception

Sunday, January 5 is the Rev. Clint Wilson’s last Sunday here at St. George’s. Please stop by the Gathering Space at 10:05am to say goodbye and wish him well on his next chapter.

Love Offering

A love offering is being collected for the Rev. Clint Wilson.  You may make a contribution online here.


A Message from the Rev. Clint Wilson

Dear Members and Staff of St. George’s,

It is with joy and sadness that I write to inform you I will be moving to Louisville, Kentucky, at the end of January to serve as Rector of St. Francis in the Fields Episcopal Church. I have been sensing that I was ready to become a lead pastor for some time, but Theresa and I did not know where, when, or what this would mean for our family. Several months ago, I was approached by a few people about applying to be rector of SFITF, and we discerned it would be good to pursue the opportunity. For many reasons, we know God is calling us to this church. He has made it abundantly clear through colleagues, mentors, the vision and direction of the parish, and our immediate connection with the parishioners and the city of Louisville.


As I mentioned, I am simultaneously excited and grieving. It has been the privilege of my life to work at St. George’s. I have grown so much by working alongside great leaders, both lay and ordained, and I want to especially thank Leigh for trusting me to serve and for investing in me as a younger priest. It has been a privilege to work with him and so many other fine clergy! 


My last day of work at St. George’s will be Monday, January 6th. Then we will spend time preparing our house to be sold, packing our belongings, and connecting with family. I am also looking forward to a retreat to prayerfully consider how I will lead and serve at St. Francis — to think about vision and launching well in this new context.


Please know how humbled and blessed I have been to be part of the St. George’s community these past four and a half years. You all welcomed us with such warmth and walked alongside us as we were graced with our son James. Your generosity and love of our family has been, like God’s, gratuitous and constant. We cannot imagine a better place to have served in preparation for launching into this new venture. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity!

God’s Peace,

Fr. Clint Wilson


A Message from the Rev. Dr. R. Leigh Spruill

Dear Friends,

This communication to you is in response to the announcement from the Rev. Clint Wilson shared above. I am very proud of Clint’s new calling to be rector of St. Francis in the Fields Episcopal Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Yet at the same time, I am terribly saddened to be losing Clint from our staff and the Wilson family from our parish. Clint is among the very finest, most gifted priests I have had the privilege of working alongside in my ordained life. I will not only miss his ministerial leadership but his good daily friendship.

St. Francis in the Fields offers a tremendous professional opportunity for Clint. It is a corporate-size parish with a beautiful campus, a strong desire to grow, and a clear vocation to address the challenges of our times. In fact, the church is the largest Episcopal parish in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and like St. George’s, is brimming with outstanding lay leaders. It speaks well of them that they have issued this call to the Wilsons, and it speaks well of our own parish that St. Francis is enthusiastic about the formation that Clint has experienced while serving here.

The Wilsons' last Sunday with us will be January 5, 2020. As we know, occasional clergy transitions are a part of our life at St. George’s. I have shared before that my vision is to hire associate clergy who will not only bless our parish life during their time here but will eventually go forth to bless the wider church in new significant leadership positions. With you, I am thankful to God for this calling and privilege. But none of that makes such transitions easy for us! Clint and Theresa have made deep connections throughout St. George’s, including our kindergarten community. Clint is so faithful, articulate, smart, warm, hard-working, and personally approachable. And of course, we will also miss Theresa very much as well. She has done outstanding work leading The Nashville Fellows Program over the past four years, leaving the ministry in the strongest shape of its lifespan. Susalee and I always love socializing with the Wilsons, so again, this is a personal loss for us as well as a professional one.

Sensitive to your own sense of loss in this news, I nevertheless invite you to join me in giving thanks to God for this four-and-a-half-year season of ministry with the Wilsons. I know you also join me in wanting to be intentional in the coming days sharing that gratitude with Clint and Theresa themselves. Despite our sadness in saying goodbye, from a kingdom perspective this is a very exciting development for the Wilsons and for our Lord’s church.

Yours in Christ,