Missional Communities

At St. George’s we believe that the deliberate formation of community is central to our stated mission to receive, live, and share the abundant life of Jesus Christ. We harbor a dual desire that as our people deepen fellowship with one another, they will also be led to expand our commitment to mission and evangelism through new relationships beyond the life of the parish. Missional Communities (MC’s) are the prominent expression of this vision.

Missional Communities are groups of church members committed to growing in Christ together through regular fellowship and intentional engagement with people outside the church. Larger than typical church small groups, MC’s generally have 20-50 members inclusive of children when families participate. Our hope is that MC’s embody two vital truths of the Christian faith: life in Jesus is best done in community, and our Lord calls us to go forth beyond our community to bless others with his truth, love, and mercy.

Five Marks of Missional Communities at St. George’s

  • Mid-sized fellowship of 20-50 church members. Groups can be inclusive of children when families participate.
  • Gather at least once a month for a casual meal and fellowship. 
  • Make time for prayer and worship.  Each gathering includes some form of prayer, worship, Scripture meditation, singing or other intentional spiritual engagements, as well as theological reflection time.
  • Develop a relationship with a group outside the church.  Identify a group of people outside the church that the MC will seek to serve and bless.
  • Be a community of continuous theological reflection about shared experiences of missional outreach.

Meet our Missional Communities

We invite you to learn about our Missional Communities and meet their leaders by watching the videos below.  Their missions are as varied as, but not limited to:

  • Our Little Roses
  • Foster Care
  • Active Boomers
  • Harvest Hands
  • Poverty and the Arts
  • Alpha
  • Refugees
  • The Arts
  • Belmont University Campus Ministry


Would you like to join a Missional Community?  The Rev. David Barr is delighted to visit with you and help you find your best fit.  To learn more or to join a Missional Community please contact David at 615-385-2150 x 212 or david.barr@stgeorgesnashville.org