Tips for Watching Online


Thank you for choosing to worship with us during our Sunday live streamed service. We have hundreds of devices streaming every week! Remote viewing is a great way to keep us connected—but we know that video buffering can be frustrating. Our goal is to bring you the best worship experience possible and we have a great team in place with excellent software designed to live stream our services. However, during this unprecedented time of stay-at-home orders and social distancing, household internet service is at capacity. If you are experiencing buffering issues you might find the following tips and tricks for streaming optimization helpful.


Tips and Tricks for Streaming Optimization

  1. If you are watching from a computer, choose a direct internet connection instead of Wifi (hardwire your computer to your internet connection)

  2. If you are watching from a mobile device, consider between mobile data and Wifi if one is faster than another

  3. Limit the number of devices active on your network for the period of live streaming

  4. Stop all other active downloads on your device (games or apps running in the background)

  5. Pause the video for a short time to create a buffer

  6. Consider watching at another time. Services are available for viewing immediately after the live stream ends