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Building Committee Update

May 6, 2020

Good afternoon all,

May 6, 2021 Good Afternoon all, The end is in sight and things are starting to return to normal in so many ways! Work inside the church should be complete by the end of next week with the installation of the brick tilework in the rotunda and the finishing touches put on the adjoining spaces. Once complete, I think it will be clear that the Building Committee placed a great deal of emphasis on how Legacy Hall, the Bradford Gallery, the kindergarten and the youth spaces connect to the other parts of the church campus in a way that promotes personal interaction between parishioners throughout our campus.

Along with the completion of interior work, we are also wrapping up outside. Work on the porte cochere and rear entry will be complete by the end of next week, so you should be able to use the new rear entry for worship on May 16. We had originally contemplated paving before the end of April. However, given that the kindergarten school year winds down in late May, we elected to postpone final paving and striping of parking spaces until the last week of May.

As you know, Davidson County will be lifting most pandemic restrictions effective May 14. In consultation with the bishop, the clergy will soon be announcing changes to our worship services that will be implemented beginning on Sunday, May 16. These changes will be communicated in person and online this coming Sunday.

It’s really an amazing coincidence that we commenced renovations to the main Sanctuary shortly after COVID-19 restrictions were implemented and we are essentially complete as most of those restrictions are lifted. I join the members of the Building Committee and clergy as we look forward to our parish being able to fully enjoy these new facilities in ways that will deepen our relationship to Christ and each other.

This is the final installment of the monthly construction updates. My gratitude goes to the other members of the Building Committee, Laura Zabaski, Steve Fridrich, Craig Laine, Zee Pendleton, Bob Sarratt, and Johnny Phipps; who each deserve much credit as do architects Baird Dixon and Chip Jones. Please extend your thanks to them for a job well done. As I shared recently with our committee, it has been an enjoyable, productive, and rewarding experience to serve beside them and we hope you’ll agree the end result is something that will bless our parish for years to come.


Cam Sorenson, Chair

Building Committee

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