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Construction Update 

The stone floor is being laid in the Chancel of the Nave and work on the new main entry is nearly finished. The new entry allows for much more natural light to fill the Narthex.

The connector between Legacy Hall and the new Kindergarten entry is being framed and the roof installed on Legacy Hall. Conduit is being added to the 2nd floor addition. We also received the new wood floor for Legacy Hall and it will acclimate to the new space over the next few weeks.

Building Committee Update

September 4, 2020

Good afternoon all,

While work on all phases of the project is progressing rapidly, I’d like to take the opportunity today to dive a little deeper on the renovations to the Nave as this will be the first component of the various projects to be completed. Work began in the Nave less than five months ago on April 13, 2020. We anticipate reopening the Nave in less than 90 days prior to the beginning of Advent.
You may recall from my May update that the work taking place in the Nave is centered around three main areas: improvements to achieve better acoustics in the space, remodeling of the Baptistry, and remodeling of the Chancel.


Early in the planning for the project, the church engaged Scott Reidel, an acoustician from Milwaukee, WI to perform an acoustical study of the Nave and to offer input into the design of the space to ensure improved acoustics. Those recommendations include some changes you’ll see when the space is complete and others, equally significant, that you won’t see. Virtually every drywall surface in the Nave has had an additional layer of drywall added to stiffen the walls and ceiling to minimize the reverberation of those surfaces. This of course you won’t notice but it was a very significant undertaking. Additionally, angular sound diffusing drywall panels have been added underneath the round windows flanking either side of the Nave along with sound absorbing fabric panels located in numerous places in the Nave. Both of these can be seen in this photo. Additional sound diffusing wood panels have been added on the rear wall of the balcony. While these improvements may be seemingly minor, they will collectively result in significantly improved acoustics for our choir and new organ.


The raised area at the old baptismal area has been removed to allow for larger family and godparent groups to surround the baptismal font. Beautiful mosaic tile will be added in the floor surrounding a new limestone baptismal font that is being carved by local artisan Charlie Hunt. I hope to soon share progress photos of our new font as it is being crafted. It’s prominent location at the head of the main aisle is intended to remind us as we enter the Nave for each service that our Christian journey begins with Baptism. While discussing this area of the Nave, I should also mention that very significant changes are underway at the front entry to the Narthex. The entry doors are being replaced and the wood panels located to each side and above the doors have been replaced with divided light glass panels. The result is a much brighter and more welcoming entry to our church.


The Chancel area will certainly include the most notable changes to the Nave. Changes include all new wood paneling surrounding the altar. The existing paneling lacked adequate rigidity to ensure good acoustics and the layout was slightly changed to allow the correct configuration of our new organ. The altar has been moved back slightly to center it in the Chancel and to allow for the permanent relocation of the choir in front of the altar. Perhaps most notable is the removal of the baldacchino (the canopy) that previously sat over the altar which now allows for unobstructed views for our beautiful Rose Window at the rear of the Chancel. Lastly, architectural beams have been added to the ceiling of the Chancel which enhance both the acoustic and architectural appearance of the space. Although the organ pipes and casings won’t be installed until the first quarter of 2021, this rendering fairly accurately depicts the finished Chancel area.

In closing, I’d like to add that these improvements were not undertaken merely as a redecorating of the space….instead, as Fr. Spruill noted in a prior issue of The Shield, they are intended to “enhance the emotional and physical connectivity of the entire room.” Our collective hope is that the changes implemented in the Nave might elicit positive changes and a deeper connection to God in worship.


Cam Sorenson, Chair
Building Committee




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