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Construction Update 

The roof is currently being installed on Legacy Hall as well as the brick skin of the building and both should be complete by mid-July. The structural work is complete on the second floor expansion and the roof is set to be installed this month. Virtually all of the drywall work on the ceiling and the walls of the Nave is now complete and painting has begun. In addition, the mechanical work under the floor of the Nave is complete.

Building Committee Update

June 4, 2020

Good afternoon all,

I hope this update finds all of you in good health.

Before updating you on the status of the construction at St. George’s I want to take just a moment to make sure each of you know who is involved in the construction of these important projects.

The Parent Company and Phipps Construction have provided construction services to St. George’s for many years. Both firms were involved in the restoration of the church following the 2010 flood.

The Parent Company is responsible for all sitework, the construction of Legacy Hall, and the expansion / renovation of the kindergarten and second floor. Represented by parishioner Bob Sarratt, The Parent Company is handling this complex construction project with great professionalism and complete transparency. Phipps Construction, under the direction of parishioner Johnny Phipps, is handling all of the renovation work in the Nave. The extensive pre-construction planning that Johnny and his team have put into this project are very evident as work has proceeded very efficiently. I am very grateful that these two firms, and specifically Bob and Johnny, are involved as I know they care as much about the outcome as all of you do. Please extend your thanks to both of them when you have the opportunity.

We continue to see great progress on Legacy Hall and the kindergarten areas:

  • Installation of the metal roof decking that will form the ceiling of Legacy Hall should be complete within the next few days. This will be followed by roof insulation and decking. Work on the roof shingles will begin late this month and should be fully under roof by mid-July.
  • Concrete block work for the electrical/mechanical room is nearing completion and the brick skin on the exterior of the building is well underway and should be completed in July as well.
  • Structural steel erection over the existing kindergarten was completed in May and roof truss installation is likewise complete. Roofing of this area will commence this month as well.
  • As all of the construction in the area of the kindergarten and new rear entry is not visible to you, my description of the work really doesn’t do justice to how complicated this work is. The tie in of all this work to the existing structure is full of surprises and the Parent Company is making it look easy, so thanks again to Bob and his team.

Work in the Nave continues to progress very smoothly:

  • Virtually all of the drywall work on the ceiling and the walls of the Nave is now complete. The painter is now on site and prep work has commenced on all surfaces in the Nave, the side aisles, and the narthex. Painting of these areas should be complete this month.
  • The curved ceiling of the chancel was demolished, foam insulation was installed and two of three layers of drywall have been installed on the ceiling in this area. The third layer of drywall (all required for improved acoustics) will be installed following the completion of the decorative ceiling beams being installed in the curved ceiling.
  • Relocation of underslab HVAC ducts and underslab electrical will be completed this week. In order to facilitate this work, the floor slab in this area was saw cut and removed and it will be poured back early next week. I mention this as it marks an important milestone—it is the last significant demolition that will occur in the Nave.
  • From this point forward, the entire project shifts toward rebuilding the Nave area to its new configuration.
  • As mentioned, the work in the Nave has progressed very smoothly and we are on track to begin worship in the new space during Advent.

I hope some of you have had the opportunity to return to church since in person worship began recently. If so, you’ve no doubt seen some of this progress. I look forward to reporting again to you in July.


Cam Sorenson, Chair
Building Committee




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