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Building Committee Update

January 7, 2020

Good afternoon all,

Happy New Year. I hope you enjoyed a safe and healthy Christmas.

At this point in the project it is tempting to look at it and wonder if we’re ever going to finish! Rest assured this is also the stage of the project where loose ends begin to come together quickly.

In Legacy Hall, all work has been suspended while the floor is being sanded and finished. The first coat of varnish will be put down this week with three more coats to follow. We anticipate the final coat to be applied late next week. After a brief cure time, the audio visual crew and millwork crew will be back in Legacy Hall to wrap up work in that space. We hoped to have this space available for use in January, however the uptick in COVID cases has caused some occasional labor shortages resulting in delays. Realistically, we anticipate opening this space in late February or early March.

As I’ve mentioned in prior updates, there are major components of the project that aren’t visible to the parish since you are unable to access the rear of the site. Among those areas are the second floor addition above the kindergarten wing. This area will house additional staff offices, music rehearsal and dressing areas, as well as added youth meeting spaces. The Parent Company anticipates completing the offices and music areas by the third week of January. These spaces look fantastic. I know the staff looks forward to showing these spaces to you as safety considerations allow.

Work in the rotunda and gallery connector is progressing steadily with windows installed and drywall work underway inside. Completion of this space will be the real key to opening Legacy Hall as the restrooms that serve Legacy Hall are located near the rotunda.

Grading work at the rear entry (outside the rotunda) is complete and footings have been poured to facilitate construction of the porte cochere at the rear entry. Erection of structural steel for that component will begin next week. Curb work, asphalt and concrete pavers will be installed in this area around the third week of January.

Lastly, this will be the final Sunday you’ll be sitting on wooden pews in the main sanctuary as the new pew cushions will arrive and be installed next week.

We’re really in the home stretch and I expect that by the time I write the next update, we will be very close to announcing a definitive date for the first service in Legacy Hall. I look forward to joining you for that important milestone!



Cam Sorenson, Chair

Building Committee

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