Essentials Small Groups

We are formed as Christians by exploring scripture together with others. In this age of social distancing, let’s be intentional in engaging the essentials with our church family.

Join us in September 2021 as we continue our small group Bible studies by diving into the book of Ephesians. These 10-week small group experiences are designed to draw you into one of the essential elements of our Christian faith—moving through the Bible in community with fellow Christians.

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Martha Rodes, Director of Lay Ministry Engagement

Essentials: Genesis

Groups are currently studying Genesis together. Please find below the materials needed for each sesssion of this 10-week series. You will find materials for the next session posted every Friday. Print or save the Syllabus & Reading Schedule.

For Leaders:  Group Guidelines   |   Facilitation Suggestions    |   Genesis Commentaries

For Families: Watch the corresponding weekly Genesis Family Devotional from Cate Jones, the Director of Children's and Family Ministries.


Session 1 Materials

Session 1 Guide

Session 1  Clergy Notes


Session 2 Materials

Session 2 Guide

Session 2 Clergy Notes


Session 3 Materials

Session 3 Guide

Session 3 Clergy Notes


Session 4 Materials

Session 4 Guide


Session 5 Materials

Session 5 Guide

Session 5 Clergy Notes

Session 6 Materials

Session 6 Guide



Session 7 Materials

Session 7 Guide



Session 8 Materials

Session 8 Guide



Session 9 Materials

Session 9 Guide


Session 10 Materials

Session 10 Guide

Essentials: The Gospel of Mark

The small group sessions for The Gospel of Mark have concluded, but we invite you to journey into this gospel on your own. Our hope is that your knowledge of scripture grows as you engage with the story of Jesus and the Good News.

See reading schedule for The Gospel of Mark.

Mark Group Videos

In each session, we'll examine scripture and discover some important themes together.

Mark Family Devotionals

Gather your kids together for a family-oriented devotional that explores a story from Mark each week.