Essentials Small Groups

We are formed as Christians by exploring scripture together with others.

Coming this Fall: The Gospel of John

Our Essentials groups will continue in 2022 as we study the Gospel of John. These 10-week small group experiences are designed to draw you into one of the essential elements of our Christian faith—moving through the Bible in community with fellow Christians.

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Martha Rodes, Director of Lay Ministry Engagement

Essentials: Psalms

Welcome to our spring Essentials study in the book of Psalms. Unlike any other book of the Bible, the Psalms demonstrate what it looks and feels like to love, speak to, and even wrestle with God.

Suggested Resources  The following resources are suggested by the clergy and will be available in St. George's bookstore: The Songs of Jesus, by Tim Keller; Psalms by Derek Kidner (2 volumes)

Session 6

Session 6 Questions

Session 7

Session 7 Questions

Session 8

Session 8 Questions

Session 9

Session 9 Questions

Session 10

Session 10 Questions


The small group sessions for Ephesians, Genesis, and Mark have concluded, but we invite you to journey into them on your own. Our hope is that your knowledge of Scripture grows as you engage with the story of Jesus.

Essentials: Ephesians

Outline & Reading Schedule 

Reflection Questions

Essentials: Genesis

Reading schedule for Genesis  |  Genesis Commentaries  

Genesis Family Devotionals