Discipleship Groups

Jesus’ call to his first twelve followers led to their going forth into the world with new purpose. Jesus’ call on our lives also leads each of us into our families, neighborhoods, and workplaces with new purpose. All discipleship ultimately is intended to lead to mission, and all mission is deeply dependent on sound discipleship.

Discipleship groups are St. George’s leadership pipeline where we learn to listen for what God is saying to us and discern how to respond.  These 5-week short courses will help you explore five areas of discipleship and grow in your own faith.  In a small group setting, you'll be led through scripture readings, discussion, and prayer centered around Attentiveness, Rhythm, Relationships, Leadership, and Mission — each following the model that Jesus gives us. You may participate in a 5-week “a la carte” experience, or extend into a full 9-month opportunity.

For more information contact the church office at 615-385-2150.



Participant Booklets

Printed copies of all available booklets can be found in the church.