All of our offerings for adults are open to visitors every week! No advanced registration needed unless otherwise noted below. One-time offerings for adults may also be found in News & Events.

Discipleship Groups

These 5-week group series offer an overview to our vision of being rooted in discipleship at St. George's, briefly exploring each of the 5 topics that may later be studied in depth. In a small group setting, you'll be led through scripture readings, discussion, and prayer centered around Attentiveness, Rhythm, Relationships, Leadership, and Mission — each following the model that Jesus gives us.

Discipleship Groups are led by church members and meet throughout the year. More information and group resources can be found online here.

Questions? I Contact Kristine Blaess at 615-385-2150 x 214 or

Sunday School

The Sunday School offerings below begin on Sunday September 3, 2017 and meet from 10:05 to 11:00am on Sunday mornings, or as otherwise indicated.  If you have questions about any of our class offerings, please call the church office at 615-385-2150.

The Rector's Forum

A Light for the City

Led by the Rev. R. Leigh Spruill

Weekly beginning September 3 in Johnson Hall

At key points in the gospels, Jesus exhorts his hearers to be discerning of the times (Mark 1:14-15) and to bear his light in the world (Matthew 5:15). In the Gospel According to Luke, our  Lord encourages attentiveness to our reason for being: to so shine with the free gift of God's grace and truth that others may come into the light of this love as well. "No one after lighting a lamp puts it in a cellar or under a basket, but on a stand so that those who enter may see the light" (11:33).

We all know that Nashville is expanding at a rapid rate, a phenomenon adding vitality as well as stresses to the metropolitan area. As St. George's is a strong, resourceful, and growing church, I want us to be asking in what tangible new ways might our parish represent a brightly shining light for the city. This fall's Rector's Forum takes up that question. The course will offer alternating Sundays of Scripture studies on the important biblical theme of God's people as a light to the world and also special guest speakers from a variety of realms of Nashville's cultural and political life. My hope is that this class will contribute to our parish-wide conversation about bold visioning regarding St. George's missionary corporate contribution to Nashville's growth, health, and unity.

Questions? Contact Claudia Taylor, Executive Assistant to the Rector | 615-385-2150 x 218 or

Worship: A Crash-Course on Anglican Tradition

Led by the Rev. Clint Wilson

Weekly beginning September 3 in Hampton Hall

Have you ever wondered where our liturgy came from and how it has developd over time? For instance, why do we cross ourselves in worship? Or why do we have The Book of Common Prayer ... isn't the Bible enough? For that matter, is the shape of our worship even biblical? Join Fr. Clint Wilson as he teaches through our Anglican liturgy, with attention given to how it all fits together and why it matters. This class is intended as a basic overview of each section of our worship service and how the entire liturgy forms us into the life and mission of Christ.

Questions? Contact the Rev. Clint Wilson | 615-385-2150 x 215 or

Christian Life in a Post-Christian World

Led by Chuck Grice

Weekly beginning September 3 in Rooms 209, 210, and 211

How did Western Civilization, with its Christian foundations reaching back almost two thousand years, suddenly become a fractured culture of secularism, unmoored from its traditions of faith? This is the question we will examine for 12 weeks with parishioner Chuck Grice as class moderator. When we gain an understanding of this cultural revolution, when and how it began, its belief systems as well as its way of persuasion, will Christians be able to ask the deeper question of discipleship: What should we do? Only when Christians regain their proper confidence will we become the world's salt and light.

Questions? Contact Chuck Grice |

ETC: Ethics, Theology, and Conversation

Facilitated by Shirley Hercules

Weekly beginning September 3 in the Conference Room

ETC is a round table, open discussion of theological, spiritual, and ethical issues. Each year we choose a format for the upcoming year. Each year the group plans a series of short topics to be led by different group members. Speakers will be invited to talk about issues of interest to us all. In addition, class members will be invited to present topics in which they have a particular interest and will lead the group discussion.

Questions? Contact Shirley Hercules | 615-289-4890 or

St. George’s 101

Grace, Discipleship, and Mission

Led by the Rev. Michael Blaess and our other clergy

September 3 - October 1 |  in the Library

St. George's 101 is a five-week gathering for anyone who would like to be introduced to, or dig deeper into, the vision of our life together at St. George’s. It’s a great place to learn about our commitment to being disciples of Jesus Christ and to take the next steps of becoming a deeper part of our community. Those new to St. George’s are especially invited to attend!

Questions? Contact the Rev. Michael Blaess | 615-385-2150 x 212 or

Sitting with God

Building Quiet, Silence, and Peacefulness into Your Week

Every Sunday | 10:05 - 11:00am in the Chapel

Sitting with God is God’s invitation to get away from the noise and other distractions of your busy week. It’s an uninterrupted, personal time for you and God to enjoy each other’s company. Stillness. Quiet. Hymns playing softly in the background. No one is speaking. God whispers to your heart because he loves you deeply. Printed “Conversation Starters” are available in the Chapel or you can bring your own Bible, devotional, journal, or other spiritual book.

Questions? Contact the Rev. Roger Senechal | 615-942-7723

Advent Class

Led by the Rev. Canon Andrew Petiprin

December 3 - 10 | in Hampton Hall

December 3: Beauty Will Save the World

Beauty will save the world: Beauty has been long understood in the Christian tradition as a means of communicating God’s truth and goodness. In our tradition we extol the “beauty of holiness,” and in this talk, we will explore the implications of being a community that seeks and fosters beautiful things.

December 10: Beauty in Continuity

Beauty in continuity: Our faith has been preserved and passed down to us by countless generations of Christian forebears. We are now the guardians of this beautiful heirloom, and we are responsible for transmitting it to the world outside us and to our successors in the Church.

Adult Confirmation: Come Find Where You Belong

Led by the Rev. Michael Blaess

January - May 2018 | in Hampton Hall

This class is for everyone. Together we will experience a deeper sense of belonging - to God, to the Christian community around the world, to one another, and to the life that is here at St. George’s. Led by clergy and a dedicated group of lay leaders, each Sundya will be a good mix of meaningful group conversation, social time, Q&A, and class presentations. As we explore various aspects of the life of faith and life in the church, each class will help us understand how we belong to something bigger than ourselves. And we're going to have fun doing it.

Questions? Contact the Rev. Michael Blaess | 615-385-2150 x 212 or

Classes & Bible Studies



Led by Christine Cronk

Sundays, September 10 - December 10 | 4:00-6:00pm in the Bride/Family Room

DivorceCare is a nationally-known program that each week includes a video seminar featuring top experts on divorce and recovery subjects. The group discusses what was presented in that week's video seminar and what is going on in the lives of group members. DivorceCare groups meet weekly to help you face the unique challenges of separation and divorce and move toward rebuilding your life.

Questions? Contact Christine Cronk |


Story Writing Class

Facilitated by Bets Ramsey

Second Mondays | 1:30 - 3:30pm in Dandrige B

Have you been meaning to write stories about your family to pass on to your children and grandchildren? Join the Story Writing Class — no previous writing experience is required. There is a bit of instructive material, a class writing exercise, and a voluntary sharing of the previous month's work. There may be comments but no criticism.

Questions? Contact Bets Ramsey, Facilitator | 615-463-2583 or


Tuesday Morning Wake-Up Call

Facilitated by Jan Callen and Ron Rossini

Weekly | 7:00 – 8:00am in Dandridge A

This class studies the upcoming Sunday's Scripture readings. We welcome new members anytime.

Questions? Contact Seawell Brandau , Facilitator at 615 352-4824 or

Living a Godly Lifestyle in an Ungodly World

Led by Dana Sherrard

September 19 - November 14 | 10:00 - 11:00am in Johnson Hall

No class on Tuesday, October 24.

As Christians, most of us struggle with being the people God wants us to be and living out our faith in a way that brings honor and glory to God. This has been true all through time as is evidenced by Paul in his letter to the Romans (chapter 7), yet God never requires anything of us that He hasn’t already equipped us to do. This course is going to examine the situation we find ourselves in, the causes of our struggles and the means of overcoming these struggles so that we can indeed live out our faith in a way that brings honor and glory to God.

Please come—bring a friend and your Bible. An outline of each lesson will be provided.

Questions? Contact Dana Sherrard |


Psalms: The Best-Loved Book of the Bible

Led by the Rev. Roger Senechal

September 6 - November 15 | 10:45 - Noon or 6:30 - 8:30pm in Dandridge A

Of the Book of Psalms it has been written, "Psalms is the hymnal of Israelite worship and the Bible's book of personal devotions. In them we not only find expression of all the emotions of life but also some of the most profound teaching in the entire Bible ... The Psalms get us praying when we don't feel like it, and they train us in prayers that are honest and right."

Questions? Contact the Rev. Roger Senechal | 615-942-7723 or

Symphony 101

Led by Mitchell Korn of Blair School of Music

August 30 - October 18 | 1:00 - 3:00pm in Hampton Hall

Every discussion explores an upcoming work by the Nashville Symphony. Mitchell Korn leads a participatory learning experience using DVD footage of symphonic performaces, with an exploration of each composer's personal and musical life. Tuition is $150 and registration is made through Blair School of Music at 615-322-7659.

Great Music, Great Films

October 25 - December 6 | 1:00 - 3:00pm in Hampton Hall

A six-class series exploring great symphonic composers who scored the best in cinema. The greatest movies with great music make for exceptional arts and entertainment. Tuition is $115 and registration is made through Blair School of Music at 615-322-7659.


Women's Bible Study

Led by Leslie Overby and Breck Wheeler

September 7 - November 9 | 9:30am - Noon in Dandridge B

The Old Testament story of Esther is a profile in courage and contains many modern parallels for today's overloaded and stressed woman. Esther, while a queen, lived as an outsider in a hostile environment. Women will learn strong lessons of faith, providence, and hope to equip them to live courageously "for such a time as this." Please sign up to help us provide the right number of materials. RSVP to 615-385-2150 x 262 or

Questions? Contact Leslie Overby | or Breck Wheeler |

Men's Bible Study

Led by the Rev. Richard Kew

Ongoing | 7:30 - 8:30am in the Library

Every Thursday morning following the Eucharist a group of men gather in the Library around the text of Scripture. We learn, we enjoy each other's company, we grow in faith. Bring your Bible, your brain, and your curiosity. Men of all ages and at all stages in the Christian faith are invited to give us a try.

Note: On the First Thurday of the month, this group meets with a larger group of men in the church for the Men's Breakfast & Bible Study (see below).

Questions? Contact the Rev. Richard Kew | 615-385-2150 x 264 or

Men's Breakfast & Bible Study

Led by the Rev. Richard Kew

First Thursday of each month | 6:45 - 8:00am, in the Chapel & Hampton Hall

Our monthly breakfast begins with worship at 6:45am in the Chapel, after which we move into Hampton Hall for a Bible study led by the Rev. Richard Kew. Father Kew has decades of experience teaching men how to deepen their beliefs concerning God and what duty God requires of a man. Man's end is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever. What a great way to start your day!

Questions? Contact Joe King, Director of Lay Ministry Engagement | 615-385-2150 x 249 or


Men’s Bible Study

Facilitated by Don Greene

Weekly | 7:00 – 8:00am in Dandridge A

Facilitated by different members in the group throughout the year. For the first 30 minutes we will study an assignment on the books of the Bible. For the concluding 30 minutes we will answer the question: “What has God been doing in my life this past week?” You are encouraged to attend the 7:00am Eucharist before joining the Bible study.

Questions? Contact Don Greene, Facilitator | 615-383-2494 or


After Eucharist Conversations

Facilitated by Agatha Nolen and Seawell Brandau

Weekly | 7:30am - 8:30am in the Library

Bright conversation about any subject except politics. You are encouraged to attend the 7:00am Eucharist and then join clergy and lay members for a variety of timely topics. Come as you are as often as you can; you will always find something of “take-home” value.

Questions? Contact Agatha Nolen, Co-Facilitator | or Seawell Brandau, Co-Facilitator | 615-352-4824 or

Other Offerings

Aelfric's Readers

Aelfric’s Readers, St. George’s Book Club, chose its name from Aelfric the Grammarian who lived in the first half of the 11th century. This is a casual book club for people who love to read! Our group meets the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm in the Bride/Family Room. For more information, contact Paula Snyder at 615-356-5376 or or Lynn Terry at 615-383-6055 or

Questions? Contact Paula Snyder, Co-Facilitator | 615-356-5376 or Lynn Terry, Co-Facilitator | 615-383-6055

2017-18 Book Selections

  • September | The Girls of Atomic City: The Untold Story of the Women Who Helped Win World War II by Denise Kiernan
  • October  News of the World by Paulette Jiles
  • November  Golden Hill: A Novel of Old New York by Francis Spufford
  • December  American Cake: From Colonial Gingerbread to Classic Layer, the Stories and Recipes Behind More than 125 of Our Best-Loved Cakes by Anne Byrn
  • January  The Women in the Castle by Jessica Shattuck
  • February  Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry
  • March  A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles
  • April  My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier
  • May  Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

Cycling Community

We share a bike ride one Saturday each month, along with occasional weekday rides. Our route is frequently through the local neighborhoods and parks but may also venture to special locations like the Natchez Trace. All our routes have a shorter option for those who prefer it. Rides are usually 1 ½-2 hours long.

Questions? Contact Claudia Taylor, Executive Assistant to the Rector | 615-385-2150 x 218 or

Daughters of the King

St. Francis Chapter

Daughters of the King practice daily intercessory prayers and offer service to God thereby sharing the sufferings of the world. Not perfect in practice, we try as women of courage. We serve everywhere from Our Little Roses in Honduras to St. Luke’s (Daughters of the King founded St. Luke’s in 1913), Magdalene House, Room at the Inn, founding Inreach, to the St. George’s Choir, and more.

Daughters of the King is open to all women of St. George's who want to deepen their commitment to Christ as they balance their prayer and spiritual life with action in the church community.

Questions? Contact Jeanne Gore, Daughters of the King President | 615-371-9078 or

Laymen of St. George's

The Laymen Ministry is the principal men's ministry at St. George's. We strive to provide a forum for the men of our church to get together for fellowship and learning. We participate in the annual Episcopal Churchmen of Tennessee Conference in Monteagle each August. We also have an annual steak dinner, First Thursday Men's Breakfast and Bible Study, and provide other forums to become engaged, including service opportunities both at St. George's and in the broader community.

Questions? Contact Joe King, Keyman | 615-385-2150 x 249 or

Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Prayer Shawl Ministry is a group of experienced and novice knitters and crocheters which meets the first Saturday of each month from 10:00am - 1:00pm in the Bride Family Room.

Prayer shawls are given to those who would benefit from a spiritual “hug.” Prayers are said as they are being made, and finished shawls are blessed by a priest. Feedback from recipients has been very rewarding.

If you do not know how to knit or crochet, we will teach you. Please join us, and bring a sack lunch if you would like.

Questions? Contact Mary Jackson, at

Prime Time Speaker's Series

Join us on the 3rd Thursday each month for a delicious hot lunch followed by a special guest speaker. Past talks have included local history, art, music, health and wellness, and presentations from influential men and women in Nashville. All luncheons are at 11:30am, and the programs begin at noon. Lunch is $10 with advanced reservation (payable at the door), but you are always welcome to come for free to hear the program at noon. The Prime Time group also takes a number of field trips throughout the year to learn more about one of the monthly presentations. We've been to the Frist Center for the Visual Arts, Cheekwood, and many nearby historic sites.

Lunch Reservations | 615-385-2150 x 262 or

Questions? Contact Marcy & Seawell Brandau, Coordinators | 615-352-4824,, or

Young Adult Happy Hour

Do you want to meet and build relationships with other young adults at St. George's? Join us each week for a casual check-in and lively conversation with one another. For more information, find the Young Adults Community on The City or contact the Rev. Sam Adams.

Questions? Contact the Rev. Sam Adams | 615-352-2150 x 216 or