Virtual Annual Meeting

Sunday, January 31 at 6:00pm

Please plan to attend our Annual Parish Meeting virtually. You will have the opportunity to vote in our vestry election. Your participation is encouraged and appreciate.


The link to participate via zoom will be posted here when available.


Meet the 2021 Vestry Nominees

View the 2021 Vestry Brochure.


Jan Callen

Living a life of transients, we have always understood the need for a church that attracts, welcomes, and assimilates newcomers. It is not only good for the new arrivals, but essential for the health of the parish family. During our time here, Susie and I have focused our efforts toward providing a niche for anyone looking for a church home and hopefully, my serving on the vestry will enhance our efforts.



Stephanie Gillmor

I am very excited about the growth the church is experiencing. St. George’s is unique in that we provide both traditional and more contemporary ways to worship God, without losing the traditions that make the Episcopal Church so wonderful. For my family, this has allowed us to grow in God as we move through different stages of life. With the addition of the Legacy Hall, I think St. George’s has huge potential to deepen the spiritual experience of existing members and expand our outreach to the community.  


Kate Meriwether

I am so excited about our new parish life center, Legacy Hall. This vision has been in the works since I attended St. George’s as a child and youth. Having a multi-purpose space that the entire parish and kindergarten can utilize will be such an asset to current and future generations of St. Georgians. Our family alone will benefit from this space as we use it for youth group, The Table service, and even recreational sports!



David Silvester

St. George’s has passionate clergy, lay leaders, and congregants. The various programs for all ages inspire me, as does the impressive participation in both traditional and modern liturgies, confirmation, and Bible studies. I think the pandemic has posed challenges for all faiths, but St. George’s continues to adapt. Passionate involvement is key for clergy and parishioners, and I think as Nashvillians we are always ready to jump in and serve, learn, or spread the gospel.