There are many ways to stay engaged in biblical teaching at St. George's.
Featured Opportunities this Fall

Essentials Small Groups

Launching September 20: Ephesians

Join us as we continue our small group Bible studies this fall. These 10-week small group experiences are designed to draw you into one of the essential elements of our Christian faith—moving through the Bible in community with your fellow parishioners. We offer both virtual and in-person gatherings at various times to accommodate all walks of life.

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Questions? Contact Martha Rodes, Director of Lay Ministry Engagement, at 615-385-2150 x 249 or

Alpha Marriage

Led by the Rev. Margery Kennelly and Richard Kennelly

Thursdays, October 28 – December 16, 6:00 – 8:00pm

This seven-session program is designed to help couples invest in their relationship and build a strong marriage. Each session will include a dinner with couples seated at their own table for two, a practical video presentation, and time for couples to have private conversation. Couples are not expected to share anything about their relationship with the group. To help the church cover the cost of meals and materials, there is a fee of $140 per couple.

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Questions? Contact Claudia Taylor, Executive Assistant, 615-385-2150 x 218 or

Sunday School Classes for Adults

All classes begin Sunday, September 12 at 10:05am

Evangelism as the Life of the Church

Led by the Rev. Colin Ambrose and Clergy
Johnson Hall

This offering will be taught by a variety of clergy at St. George’s and will unpack how evangelism is an essential component of following Jesus Christ, even when it is frequently misunderstood. The course will dive into how sharing one’s faith is a natural outflow of a life with God, and how this is both a great challenge and a deep joy.

This class will be offered via livestream but will not be available to watch once class is over. Click here to watch live.

Parenting Together

Led by the Rev. Margery Kennelly
Dandridge Hall (Upstairs)

Parenting is hard to do alone! This class will be taught by the St. George’s family ministries team, along with lay leaders. We will move through a variety of relevant topics and will involve practical suggestions for each week.

The Fundamentals of Healing Prayer

Led by the Ven. Dr. Martin Odidi
September 12 - October 10
Room 202

This five-week intensive course will cover the basics of healing prayer ministry within the church. God delights in us when we cry out to him for the healing of our souls and bodies, and this course will address how we approach God with faithful expectation.

Ten Keys to Scripture

Ten Scriptural Stories that Unlock the World of the Bible

Led by Chuck Grice
Room 218

This course will be led by church member Chuck Grice and will explore ten passages within the Bible that help us make sense of all the rest of Scripture. If you have ever been confused about how to read the Bible, where to start, or how it all comes together, then this course is for you.

Songs of Praise: Hymns & Poems from Down the Ages

Led by Rosemary Kew
Room 221

Rosemary Kew, a parishioner and learned appreciator of literature, will teach this course on Christian poetry and hymnody. Sometimes the most powerful theological truths are best communicated by means of poetry and song, so this course will take up various poems and hymns throughout history that teach us about God, his world, and our lives within it.

Ethics, Theology, and Conversation

Facilitated by Shirley Hercules

ETC is a roundtable, open discussion of theological, spiritual, and ethical issues. Each semester a topic is chosen,
based on either a book or other materials, and presented by members of the group.

Sitting with God

Led by the Rev. Roger Senechal

Come to the Chapel for a time of stillness and meditation. This is God’s invitation to get away from the noise and other distractions of your busy week. Feel free to bring your own Bible, journal, or devotional - or you may use provided “conversation starters."

Expanded Coffee Hour

Gathering Space
Although we offer several exciting Sunday school classes for adults, there’s always lively conversation around the coffee pot during Sunday school hour. This fall, we’re embracing this opportunity for fellowship each Sunday morning at 10:05am. Join us in the Gathering Space for coffee from our SGEM parter, Humphreys Street Coffee and refreshments hosted each week by members of the church.

Interested in hosting? Contact Robin Puryear at 615-385-2150 x 247 or

Weekday Classes & Bible Studies


The Rev. Richard Kew's Daily Devotional

Scripture, meditation, and prayer delivered to your email address each morning. To sign up, contact Fr. Richard at

Bible Reading Plan

Our Bible Reading Plan organizes the lectionary into a pattern of daily readings. By following along with the church calendar, each week we learn about some aspect of Christ's life, death, and resurrection. Our plan provides a way for parishioners to deepen their knowledge of the Bible, prepare for Sunday worship, and become more familiar with the enduring themes of the church calendar.

Reading Schedule: July - August 2021   September - October 2021



Story Writing Group

Facilitated by Bets Ramsey

Second Mondays of the month

1:30 – 3:30pm in Dandridge A

Have you been meaning to write stories about your family to pass on to your children and grandchildren?  Join the Story Writing Group where no previous writing experience is required.  There is a bit of instructive material, a writing exercise, and voluntary sharing of the previous month’s work.  There may be comments but no criticism.

Contact: Bets Ramsey, 615-463-2583 or



Tuesday Morning Wake-Up Call

Led by Jan Callen & Pat Murphy

7:00 – 8:00am in Dandridge A

This class studies the upcoming Sunday’s Scripture readings and is always open to new members. Please join us any Tuesday.

Contact: Jan Callen, 304-676-5038 or

Powers and Principalities:

Learning to Stand Firm in a Dangerous World

Led by Dana Sherrard

Tuesdays, September 21 – November 9

10:00 – 11:00am in Johnson Hall

There is tremendous resistance to God’s will being accomplished in our lives and the world. This course is about learning to use the spiritual weapons God has provided for us to become more like Christ and who he intends us to be. 

Contact: Dana Sherrard,



Bible Study

Led by the Rev. Roger Senechal

Wednesdays, September 22 – November 24

11:00am – Noon or 7:00 – 8:00pm in Dandridge Hall 

This semester, we’ll be reading through Ephesians together as we follow the Essentials curriculum. 

Contact: The Rev. Roger Senechal, 615-385-2150 x 221 or


Bible Study

Led by the Rev. Richard Kew

7:30 – 8:30am in the Library

Each Thursday morning following the Eucharist, a growing group of both men and women gather around Scripture. There is no skating across the surface as we dig deeply into Scripture, enjoy each other’s company, discuss, and grow in our faith. Bring your Bible, your brain, and your curiosity.

Contact: The Rev. Richard Kew, 615-385-2150 x 264 or

Intercessory Prayer Meeting

Led by the Ven. Dr. Martin Odidi

5:00pm in the Chapel

The Intercessory Prayer Group meets for Bible study every Thursday to learn about prayer. We share a time of spirit-filled worship through praise and music, uplifting teaching, and prayers – including prayers for healing. There is no better way to spend time with God and with one another. We guarantee your spirit will be filled.

Contact: The Ven. Dr. Martin Odidi, 615-385-2150 x 217 or

Women’s Bible Study

Led by Leslie Overby and Breck Wheeler

Thursdays, September 9 – November 18

9:30 – 11:30am in Dandridge Hall

Beth Moore and her daughter Melissa team up once again as co-authors of Now That Faith Has Come: A Study of Galatians. Join us on this deep dive into Paul’s letter to the Galatians, which is wildly interesting and astonishingly relevant to our present world. Reservations appreciated but not required - contact the leaders below if you plan to attend. 

Contacts: Leslie Overby,

Breck Wheeler,



Men’s Bible Study

Led by members of the group

7:30 – 8:30am in the Conference Room

Following the 7:00am Eucharist on Fridays, join us for a weekly Bible study. For the first 30 minutes of our time together, we will study the Bible. For the concluding 30 minutes we answer the question, “What has God been doing in my life this past week?” New members welcome anytime.

Contact: Don Greene, 615-383-2494 or



Eucharist and Conversation

Led by Agatha Nolen and Seawell Brandau

7:30 – 8:30am in the Library

Join us each Saturday at 7:00am for Eucharist in the Chapel followed by coffee and conversation in the Library from 7:30 to 8:30am. 

Contact: Seawell Brandau, 615-352-4824 or

Other Opportunities

Listed below are current opportunities to be participate in groups and build relationships with others at the church.  We also have many opportunities to volunteer, and those offerings can be found here.

Neighborhood Groups

St. George’s is building Christian community and offering loving hospitality to our neighbors. As we respond to the changing needs of this community, we have created small groups which gather safely for fellowship, worship, service, and prayer. Join us as we grow together in friendship and faith.

Ready to learn more? Find a group in your neighborhood.

If you are interested in learning more about this ministry, please contact Martha Rodes, Director of Lay Ministry Engagement, at or 615-385-2150 x 249.

Small Groups for Men & Women

St. George’s will launch new small groups this fall with 3-9 month commitments. Groups for men, women, and young adults  will explore the basics of Christian discipleship and identity within the context of weekly gatherings where participants grow closer to one another and to Christ.

Contact Martha Rodes, 615-385-2150 x 249 or

Aelfric's Readers Book Club

Aelfric’s Readers, St. George’s book club, chose its name from Aelfric the Grammarian who lived in the first half of the 11th century. This is a casual book club for people who love to read!

See the 2020-21 Reading List.

Questions? Contact Facilitators Paula Snyder at 615-356-5376 or or Jeanne Gore at 615-371-9078 or

Daughters of the King

The Daughters of the King is an Episcopal Order for women of all ages and life situations, founded in 1885 and based on a simple Rule of Life including prayer, service, and evangelism. We pray daily for the needs of others, we serve at St. George's and in the community, and we seek to commend our faith to others in our lives. New women are always welcome to join the order. Learn more about the Daughters of the King here.

Questions? Contact Rosemary Kew, President |
615-651-3909 or or contact Mary Jackson, Vice-President | 615-330-4153 or