Whether you prefer to participate online or in person, there are many ways to stay engaged in biblical teaching at St. George's.
Adult Sunday School

Lessons from the Wilderness

April 18 - May 16 at 10:05am

Team taught by the clergy

Participate via Zoom or attend in person in Hampton Hall (Capacity is limited)

The last year has been a wilderness period for many of us. We've felt exiled from church, friendly gatherings, and travel, among so many things. But the Bible shows us that God works in unique ways during those wilderness times. Join us Sunday mornings in Hampton Hall or on Zoom to reflect on spiritual lessons from the COVID wilderness.

Participate via Zoom 


The Witness of the Apostles’ Faith in the Book of Acts

April 18 - May 16 at 10:05am

Taught by the Ven. Dr. Martin Odidi

In this class, we'll take a closer look at how the apostles of Christ lived and demonstrated their faith in the risen Lord Jesus to the intent of sharing this faith with their neighbors - even  during challenging personal, socio-religious conflicts.

Participate via Zoom 

Passcode: 373567

Ethics, Theology and Conversation (ETC)

Facilitiated by class members


ETC is a group led discussion exploring a variety of topics including philosophy, theology, and ethics/morality from the perspective of Christianity and also how they relate to other worldwide religions, traditions, philosophies, and alternative pathways. Course material, selected by group decision, includes video/audio recordings, books, and also member presentation of relevant topics.  The class format is a presentation of a portion of the course material followed by an open discussion. 

Contact Shirley Hercules for Zoom link to join at

Essentials Small Groups

Coming September 2021: Ephesians

In this age of social distancing let’s be intentional in engaging with our church family. Join us as we continue our small group Bible studies this year. These 10-week small group experiences are designed to draw you into one of the essential elements of our Christian faith—moving through the Bible in community with your fellow parishioners. We offer both virtual and in-person gatherings at various times to accommodate all walks of life.

Are you ready to join a group? 

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If you are interested, please contact Martha Rodes at

Neighborhood Groups

Groups for neighbors to build relationships and worship.

St. George’s is building Christian community and offering loving hospitality to our neighbors. As we respond to the changing needs of this community, we have created small groups which gather safely in person or online for fellowship, worship, service, and prayer. Join us as we grow together in friendship and faith.

Ready to learn more?

Find a Group Near You

If you are interested in learning more about this initiative please contact Martha Rodes at

Weekday Offerings

Tuesday Morning Wake-Up Call

Organized by Jan Callen and Pat Murphy

7:00-8:00am via Zoom

This class studies the upcoming Sunday’s scripture readings. We are always open to new members. Please join us on any upcoming Tuesday.

Contact: Jan Callen (304-676-5038 or

Thursday Bible Study

Led by the Rev. Richard Kew

7:30-8:30am in the Library

Every Thursday morning following the Eucharist a group of men gather in the Library around the text of Scripture. We learn, enjoy each other’s company, discuss, and argue while growing in faith. Bring your Bible, your brain, and your curiosity. Men of all ages and all stages of the Christian journey are more than welcome. Please join us.

Contact: The Rev. Richard Kew (615-385-2150 x 264 or

Friday Men’s Bible Study

Led by members of the group

7:30-8:30am in the Library & Zoom

For the first 30 minutes we study the Bible. For the concluding 30 minutes, we answer the question “What has God been doing in my life this past week?” New members welcome anytime.

Contact: Don Greene (615-383-2494 or

Daily Devotional from Father Kew

Scripture, meditation, and prayer delivered to your email address each weekday morning. To sign up, contact Fr. Richard at

Other Opportunities

Listed below are current opportunities to be participate in groups and build relationships with others at the church - even while social distancing.  We also have many opportunities to volunteer, and those offerings can be found here.

Aelfric's Readers

Aelfric’s Readers, St. George’s book club, chose its name from Aelfric the Grammarian who lived in the first half of the 11th century. This is a casual book club for people who love to read! In 2021, we are still reading and connecting online. 

See the 2020-21 Reading List.

Questions? Contact Facilitators Paula Snyder at 615-356-5376 or or Jeanne Gore at 615-371-9078 or

Bible Reading Plan

Our Bible Reading Plan organizes the lectionary into a pattern of daily readings. By following along with the church calendar, each week we learn about some aspect of Christ's life, death, and resurrection. Our plan provides a way for parishioners to deepen their knowledge of the Bible, prepare for Sunday worship, and become more familiar with the enduring themes of the church calendar.

Reading Schedule:   May - June 2021

CLC Men's Groups

Most men have many acquaintances but few trusted friends. Along with the truth from scripture, the potential for meaningful relationships with other men is perhaps the most needed and appreciated aspect of the Christian Leadership Concepts (CLC) process.  CLC involves small groups of men who desire to grow in their faith, their awareness of God’s work in their lives, and their places of service within the body of Christ.

Questions? I Contact Martha Rodes, Director of Lay Ministry Engagement, at 615-385-2150 x 249 or

Daughters of the King

St. Francis Chapter

Daughters of the King practice daily intercessory prayers and offer service to God thereby sharing the sufferings of the world. Not perfect in practice, we try as women of courage. We serve everywhere from Our Little Roses in Honduras to St. Luke’s (Daughters of the King founded St. Luke’s in 1913), Magdalene House, Room at the Inn, founding Inreach, to the St. George’s Choir, and more.

Daughters of the King is open to all women of St. George's who want to deepen their commitment to Christ as they balance their prayer and spiritual life with action in the church community.

You can learn more about the Daughters of the King here.

Questions? Contact Rosemary Kew, President |
615-651-3909 or or contact Mary Jackson, vice-president | 615-330-4153 or

Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Prayer Shawl Ministry is a group of experienced and novice knitters and crocheters who make shawls for those experiencing any kind of hardship.

Prayer shawls are given to those who would benefit from a spiritual “hug.” Prayers are said as they are being made, and finished shawls are blessed by a priest. Feedback from recipients has been very rewarding.