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Entering a Period of Candidate Discernment

Since November, the Diocese of Tennessee has been receiving nominations from parishioners, clergy and lay leaders of our diocese, and people from other dioceses who believe they know of a suitable candidate to be our next rector. We are grateful for everyone who participated in this portion of the process.

The last stage of our search will involve an extensive process of discernment, interviews, visits, and finally a call to our new rector. While this stage will be relatively quiet, rest assured that we will be working incredibly hard in the coming weeks. Thank you for your continued patience and prayers for St. George’s and for our candidates.

Parish Profile Available  | Key insights from the parish survey and focus groups helped craft our Parish Profile, and the Search Committee believes it reflects who we are and what we are looking for in our next rector. Follow this link to review the profile.

Contact the Search Committee |  Questions about the Search Committee's role? We encourage you to read the Vestry's Charge to the Search Committee. If you have questions or feedback for the Search Committee, please contact them directly at

Search Process Outline

1. Self Study of Parish

  • Search Committee Selected & Commissioned   ✔
  • Parish Information Session   ✔
  • Parish Survey Conducted 
  • Parish Focus Groups Hosted
  • Parish Profile Created and Approved by Vestry

2. Solicitation of Nominations & Applications

  • Formal Nomination and Application Period Commences 
  • Review of Applicants by Diocese

3. Discernment of Candidates

  • Applications Reviewed by Committee
  • Discernment Conversations with Selected Candidates
  • Selected Candidates Visited at Current Parishes by Committee
  • Selected Candidates Visit St. George's
  • Diocese Review of Selected Candidates
  • Search Committee Chooses Final Candidate and Recommends to Call Committee appointed by the Vestry

4. Calling a New Rector

  • Call Committee appointed by the Vestry approves Final Candidate
  • Request for Bishop’s Permission to Call Final Candidate to St. George’s
  • Announcement of New Rector

Communications to the Parish

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