Parish Profile

We encourage potential candidates to review our Parish Profile below. Candidates may submit an application online or direct questions to the Rev. Canon Jody Howard at the Diocese of Tennessee.

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Who We Are

St. George’s was planted as a missional church, born out of the idea that as Nashville grew westward, an Episcopal church was needed in the Belle Meade neighborhood. After several years of planning, St. George’s became a church in 1952.

What began as a church of a few has grown to become one of the largest Episcopal churches in the country, comprised of over 3,900 members across 1,400 families. We are a community of people whose common belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior unites us as we seek transformation in his love and obedience to his teachings in the world.

Nearly 800 parishioners responded to a parish-wide survey this summer, and of those people, 53% have been parishioners for 20 years or more and 64% live within a 4-mile radius of the church. 53% indicated that they attend church three times or more per month. According to survey results, 95% of parishioner respondents are college educated. We can extrapolate that this is a highly educated parish that usually attends church regularly, lives nearby, and is not transient. We believe this makes for a stable church—but one that is also poised for growth. Indeed, we have more engaged newcomers than ever with so many families moving to Nashville from out of state and looking for a new church home. Our quarterly Newcomer 101 class had nearly 30 participants in September and nearly 40 babies and children have been baptized so far this calendar year.

As with many churches, we have evolved over the past 18 months to accommodate a new landscape attributed to COVID-19. Nothing has challenged the resilience of St. George's more than worshiping in the time of a pandemic. Like many churches that couldn't open their physical doors during the time, St George's opened its virtual doors to hundreds of isolated parishioners with livestreamed Sunday church services, daily church offerings, and outdoor services. We have become highly focused on fellowship, knowing that people want simple opportunities to be together. We are working hard to welcome and connect newcomers so they stay and make St. George’s their church home. Pastoral care has become a primary consideration with parishioners and families struggling to make sense of the world and their lives on macro and micro levels. We have become acutely aware of how hard life is for many in our city, and we have renewed energy to focus outward.

Our mission at St. George’s is to receive, live, and share the abundant life of Jesus Christ, and we do this through ministries large and small. Many of those ministries are long-standing and many are new, particularly since 2020, but they all have evolved over time as the needs and desires of our parish have changed. We have remained committed to meeting the moment in whatever time and space we live in, be it during a global pandemic or otherwise.

We invite you to take a look at our Fall 2021 Opportunities brochure as well as our quarterly magazine, The Shield, to have a complete view of all of the ministries and activities we have at St. George’s. We invite you to go deeper with us on several ministries that are examples of how we live out our mission, profiled in the pages on this website.

What We Seek

We seek a rector who can help us build upon our strong foundation and further develop our parish into one that, in equal parts, receives, lives and shares the abundant life of Jesus Christ.

We pray for someone who

  • can manage a large, corporate church and lead our deeply talented clergy and lay staff.
  • values collaboration, listens to others, communicates effectively and considers all approaches and opinions.
  • is approachable, available, empathetic, and willing to be vulnerable with others.
  • remains firmly rooted in Christian orthodox principles.
  • is able to acknowledge diversity in theological understanding among our parishioners and encourages our spiritual growth.
  • wants to know us deeply and inspires us to want to know each other deeply.
  • calls us up to our potential for outreach.

We pray for a rector who is a gifted preacher and values excellence in worship, who is drawn to pastoral care of all kinds – from our own families to those outside our church walls, and who can help us grow in our Christian faith by teaching and equipping us to share the abundant life of Jesus Christ.


St. George’s celebrates the beauty of Episcopal liturgy and tradition through a combination of Rite I, Rite II, and modern services, in addition to Compline and Evensong. Average attendance in 2020 was 604, with 210 Sunday services offered over the course of the year. We had 147 weekday Eucharists, 212 services offered only online and 40 private communion services. We confirmed or received 53 parishioners into the Episcopal Church.

Our modern service, called The Table, meets in our new worship space, Legacy Hall, and follows the Rite II order of service found in The Book of Common Prayer. Compline is held once a month on Wednesday evenings at 9:15pm, and Evensong is offered on Sundays about nine times each year. All other services are held weekly on Sundays, with daily Eucharist in the Chapel.

Our Sunday and weekday schedules are below.


  • 7:30am - Traditional Service (Rite I) in the Nave
  • 8:45am* - Traditional Service (Rite II) in the Nave
  • 9:00am - The Table in Legacy Hall
  • 10:05am - Sunday School
  • 11:00am* - Traditional Service (Rite I) in the Nave
  • 5:00pm - Evening Prayer with Holy Eucharist in the Chapel

*Livestreamed each Sunday.


  • 7:00am Holy Eucharist in the Chapel (Monday - Saturday)
  • 10:00am Healing Eucharist in the Chapel (Wednesday)


St. George’s has a varied and rich musical tradition steeped in Anglican custom and is well-known for its dedication to beauty and excellence. At St. George’s, music is an integral part of worship, and the music staff is committed to enhancing our shared experience by glorifying God through music.

Music is led by Dr. Woosug Kang and a choir typically numbering 40 to 45 members. The choir is comprised of both dedicated lay singers and professional vocalists from the exceptionally-talented Nashville community. St. George’s has a separate music program for The Table, led by Becca Jordan and her team including some of Nashville’s finest session players. Music at all services ties into each week’s readings.

Our music ministry presents the In Excelsis Concert Series each year, which is supported by the Friends of Music Committee and brings high-caliber offerings to St. George’s, providing diverse, unique, and sacred musical listening opportunities to our community. All concerts and services are offered to the public, free of charge. View the 2021-22 In Excelsis Concert Series here.

In 2020-21, a special concert series called Play On! at St. George’s was offered in response to the pandemic. These monthly programs were offered via livestream in partnership with the Musicians of the Nashville Symphony. While challenging to organize such programming during the pandemic, it was important for St. George’s to offer high-quality music to the Nashville community while additionally supporting local professional musicians on furlough.

St. George’s is also richly blessed with two children’s choirs, The Choristers of St. George’s, and St. Dunstan’s Choir. Beginning with our very youngest singers in 1st and 2nd grades, St. Dunstan’s Choir paves the way for the Choristers who study a curriculum from the Royal School of Church Music at varying levels from 3rd grade through 12th grade, as well as participate in worship and leadership roles.

Children's & Family Ministries

Our Children’s & Family Ministries has recently embraced a transformation that has brought renewed energy to the life of our parish. Children in pre-kindergarten through 6th grade follow The Gospel Project curriculum, an interactive program that reveals to them how the gospel story is woven through Scripture—from Genesis through Revelation. Classes are organized by grade level and are taught by dedicated parent teams. Sunday mornings are joyful, fun, and full of life as our children learn about our faith in Christ Jesus.

Our Children’s & Family Ministries team is committed to teaching children in developmentally appropriate ways, allowing them to engage with the church and with each other. We strive to equip families with tools to incorporate the good news of the gospel into daily life.

Additional Children’s Ministries Offerings


Childcare is offered for children ages 3-5 (Pre-K and Kindergarten) during the 8:45, 9:00, and 11:00am church services. During childcare at 8:45 and 9:00am we lead children in Chapel—they sing, read Bible stories, pray, color, and play, as they learn every week about God’s love for us.

Kids Chapel

Kids Chapel, for 1st through 6th graders, allows space for kids to be directly involved in readings and worship, to cultivate community through games and conversation, and hear lessons targeted for a younger audience. On the first Sunday of the month, St. Dunstan’s Choir joins us to lead us in singing.

4-5-6 Club

The 4-5-6 Club builds community among 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students by providing monthly opportunities to gather for a fellowship activity at St. George’s or off campus.

After School Hang

To build community and have fun, students in 3rd through 6th grade hang out after school in Akers Hall on Wednesday afternoons. They join the Children’s Ministry team to play games, eat snacks, or do homework.

Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry team has endeavored to create diverse offerings, from retreats and formal programming to churchball and game nights, all in the name of offering youth a place where they build community and belong. Creating relationships with one another and growing in their relationship with Christ is our main priority.

It’s no secret that mainline churches struggle to engage youth in a way that equips them to be lifelong believers in Christ. Our youth team takes this challenge seriously and has cultivated an environment that strives to create a safe and comfortable space in challenging times and a source of joy in days of plenty.

Sunday School Offerings for Youth

Becoming Disciples  

7th Grade

After tracing the grand narrative of Scripture in Children’s Ministries, our 7th graders spend their first year of youth Sunday school exploring what it means to be a disciple and digging deeper into their personal relationships with Christ.


8th Grade

This is a time for students to learn about the fundamentals of the Christian life and to claim the baptismal promises made on their behalf. This is a pivotal moment in their spiritual journey as they take ownership of their faith and publicly affirm their commitment to Christ. Students are confirmed in May by our bishop. The confirmation retreat takes place in October. 

Gospel Foundations 

9th - 12th Grade

High schoolers are taught together and break into separate small groups (grades 9 - 10 together and 11 - 12 together) to dig deeper into topics. Over the course of high school, students will move through a four-year program that provides a solid foundation for their faith.

Additional Youth Ministry Offerings

Youth Group  

Every Sunday evening, Youth share a meal together, play games in Legacy Hall, worship, and discuss Scripture in small groups. This is a great space to have fun, build community, and deepen faith. Youth Group is open to all students in grades 7-12. 


On Saturdays from December through February, St. George’s teams compete against other church basketball teams in the area.

Soul Shop Workshop

Spring 2022

Soul Shop gives participants a lens to see those among us who are desperate and in need of hope.  Often people are looking for help and don’t know how to ask for it. Soul Shop teaches the signs to look for, the skills and tools to assist the hurting, and the conviction that this ministry is a part of the gospel mandate to bind up the broken-hearted. 

The workshop will be led by Michelle Snyder from Soul Shop Movement and is offered in response to an epidemic of depression, anxiety, and suicide in our culture. Michelle holds a degree in social work and theology and is co-author of the book Life, Death, and Reinvention: The Gift of the Impossibly Messed-Up Life.

Adult Classes

Our adult formation at St. George’s focuses on a few key areas that are important for all Christians but are also specific to our context: Scripture, Prayer, Living Spirituality, Vocation, Family, Liturgical and Sacramental Awareness, and Historical Confidence. We are blessed with teachings from our clergy as well as gifted church members and guest preachers.

Sunday School Offerings for Adults

Sunday morning formation offerings are intentionally selected for the needs and interests of our parishioners. All courses are approachable, theologically rich, and formative in our life with God. Offerings this fall include:

Evangelism as the Life of the Church

This offering is taught by a variety of clergy at St. George’s and unpacks how evangelism is an essential component of following Jesus Christ, even when it is frequently misunderstood. The course dives into how sharing one’s faith is a natural outflow of a life with God, and how this is both a great challenge and a deep joy.

Parenting Together

Parenting is hard to do alone! This class is taught by the St. George’s Family Ministries team, along with lay leaders. It moves through a variety of relevant topics and will involve practical suggestions for each week.

The Fundamentals of Healing Prayer

This five-week intensive course by Francis MacNutt covers the basics of healing prayer ministry within the church. God delights in us when we cry out to him for the healing of our souls and bodies, and this course will address how we approach God with faithful expectation.

Ten Scriptural Stories that Unlock the World of the Bible

This course explores ten passages within the Bible that help us make sense of the rest of Scripture.

Songs of Praise: Hymns & Poems from Down the Ages

This is a course on Christian poetry and hymnody. Sometimes the most powerful theological truths are best communicated by means of poetry and song, so this course takes up various poems and hymns throughout history that teach us about God, his world, and our lives within it.

Ethics, Theology, and Conversation

ETC is a roundtable, open discussion of theological, spiritual, and ethical issues. Each semester a topic is chosen, based on either a book or other materials, and presented by members of the group.

Sitting with God

Parishioners are invited to come to the Chapel for a time of stillness and meditation. This is God’s invitation to get away from the noise and other distractions of a busy week. Parishioners may bring their own Bible, journal, or devotional—or they may use provided “conversation starters."

Expanded Coffee Hour

Although we offer several exciting Sunday school classes for adults, there’s always lively conversation around the coffee pot during the Sunday school hour. This fall, we’re embracing this opportunity for fellowship each Sunday morning at 10:05am. Parishioners come to the Jones Rotunda for coffee and baked goods from our SGEM partner, Humphreys Street Coffee.

Weekday Offerings

St. George’s believes formation isn’t just for Sundays! We have a rich tradition of offering a variety of dynamic and formative weekday offerings to accommodate all walks of life. Bible studies are offered at the church and for small groups each day of the week. Weekday classes this fall include:

Alpha Marriage

This seven-session program is designed to help couples invest in their relationship and build a strong marriage. Each session includes a dinner with couples seated at their own table for two, a practical video presentation, and time for couples to have private conversation.

Faith & Vocation

This six-week class helps us unpack the importance and value of understanding one’s vocation in light of the gospel. This course meets over a shared meal and addresses timely topics like what it looks like to serve God in your own context—whether you are a banker, barista, lawyer, or stay-at-home parent. God has redeemed the world—and all of our callings matter. This course is designed to help you discern just what that call looks like in your own life.

Powers & Principalities: Learning to Stand Firm in a Dangerous World

There is tremendous resistance to God’s will being accomplished in our lives and the world. This course is about learning to use the spiritual weapons God has provided for us to become more like Christ and who he intends us to be. Materials from each class will be posted weekly by Friday.

Small Groups

Essentials Small Groups

In 2020, St. George’s clergy created and launched the Essentials Small Group curriculum during the COVID pandemic. This ministry, which initially took place entirely online, engages approximately 300 adults weekly. The groups are designed to draw participants into one of the essential elements of our Christian faith—moving through the Bible in community with fellow Christians. Participants engage in conversation about Scripture, video commentary, and discussion questions from the clergy to help them understand how each of us is part of God's story. This fall, Essentials Small Groups are diving into the book of Ephesians during this 10-week session. Previous studies include the Gospel of Mark and Genesis.

During a time of anxiety and isolation, these and other small groups at St. George’s have brought excitement and renewed energy to the parish, proving to be an intimate way to combat loneliness, separation, doubt, fear, loss, and even anger while the church family was apart. They continue to be popular and robust even as the church has reopened its doors and have reinforced the understanding that small group ministry is vital in connecting a church in any season.

Neighborhood Groups

The mission of St. George’s Neighborhood Groups is to represent Jesus where God has placed us—where we live—such that isolation gives way to neighborliness, unfamiliarity gives way to friendship, and fear gives way to faith. These lay-led groups embrace Christ's great commandment to love God with all our hearts and to love our neighbors as ourselves. This love is expressed through simple gestures of hospitality, checking on members, offers of assistance, outreach to non-member neighbors, and intentional mutual prayer.

There are currently 10 Neighborhood Groups meeting across town, each with dedicated lay leaders. Leaders are recruited for each neighborhood and encouraged to reach out to their group in whatever ways they'd like. Staff and clergy meet with lay leaders periodically to share ideas and encouragement. Some groups do periodic outreach projects together, some have Compline, and they are all highly focused on creating fellowship opportunities.

“The great potential of neighborhood groups is to give credibility to the faith we believe. We need to trust that God’s grace will pervade all these ordinary human interactions. The challenge is that we become more accountable and vulnerable when we live our faith visibly in our neighborhood. But I am convinced that God works most powerfully in exactly these circumstances to bless us and those we venture to include. It will be through these countless small brave gestures, greetings, invitations, and conversations that we build the kingdom of heaven here in Nashville.”  - the Rev. Margery Kennelly

Pastoral Care

Healing Prayer Ministry

In John 16 Jesus says, “Until now you have not asked anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.” At St. George’s we believe fully in the power of intercessory prayer—so much so that we offer healing prayer each Sunday morning. After parishioners receive communion in the Nave or at The Table (8:45, 9:00, and 11:00am services), they are invited to pray with St. George’s Healing Prayer Team for their own physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual well-being or on behalf of family and friends. We also offer a Healing Service each Wednesday in the Chapel and Silent Night, an Advent service of hope and remembrance.

The Healing Prayer Ministry at St. George’s is a vibrant ministry with 25 lay ministers empowered and equipped to serve our members with prayer and healing. The lay ministers are supported with education, guidance from clergy, and prayer to engender spiritual growth. We give thanks to God when people experience healing. It’s not every time we pray, and it’s not always in the ways that we expect—but as we pray together, God comes with healing, freedom, joy, and peace. Week after week, God is healing people we love here at St. George’s.

Additional Pastoral Care Offerings

Growing through Grief

St. George’s regularly hosts a six-week series called Growing Through Grief, led by Rev. Dr. Joy Samuels, an ordained minister, and a Licensed Professional Counselor (MHSP) who specializes in grief and loss. This comforting and supportive series of classes is for anyone dealing with any kind of loss.

Caring Connections

Caring Connections is a ministry to help members of our church stay connected even though they may not be able to attend services or participate in activities at the church. Volunteers are assigned to contact parishioners via monthly visits, calls, or notes. In addition, these parishioners can participate themselves by praying, as well as by making calls or writing to other parishioners. 

Chefs on Call

This ministry meets in the church kitchen the first Saturday of every month to prepare casseroles, in both family and individual sizes. These are frozen for the urgent or chronic needs of our church family and friends. Any church family may select a homecooked casserole from the freezer to deliver to someone in need.

Inreach Shepherds

These volunteers answer the short term needs of church members. From rides to the doctor or church, to errands and small household tasks—Inreach reaches in to help smooth out temporary rough spots in times of need.

Flower Ministry

Volunteers deliver flowers to homebound parishioners during the Christmas and Easter seasons.

Littlest Angels

Our entire community celebrates when little ones are born or adopted into our church family. Littlest Angels volunteers deliver a meal to families who are welcoming a new child. 

Phoebe’s Meals 

There are times when nothing says “I care” like a meal on your doorstep. Inspired by Romans 16:1-2, this group helps coordinate, provide, and deliver up to six meals to a parishioner.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

This group of experienced and novice knitters and crocheters meet the first Saturday of each month in St. George’s Library. Prayer shawls are given to those who would benefit from a spiritual “hug.” Prayers are said as the shawls are being made and blessed by a priest when finished.


St. George’s ROGUES (Retired Old Guys Unpaid Executive Services) help parishioners who need legal, financial, real estate, or other business support. This group of retirees brings together a variety of skills and expertise for sharing. 

Mission & Outreach

St. George's Enterprise Ministry

St. George’s Enterprise Ministry (SGEM) was formed as a mission initiative to bless the Nashville community and serve as a catalyst for future St. George’s ministry opportunities and relationships outside the parish. SGEM was formed as an expression of St. George’s successful Living Waters Campaign which was completed in 2013 and raised more than $6 million to restore our campus after the 2010 flood that devastated Nashville and much of our church campus. Using 10% of the funds raised in the campaign, St. George’s embarked on an ambitious initiative to identify businesses in our community with the power to change lives for good.

The SGEM Committee seeks to identify, evaluate, and support social enterprises that focus on development, promote interdependency, empower recipients with personal and social transformation, and leverage St. George’s strengths in business, leadership, entrepreneurship, and mentoring. Our goal is that recipients of the entrepreneurs’ offerings will be able to live in deeper faith, with greater hope, and as full partners in effecting change within their own neighborhoods

In 2020, SGEM selected several recipients including Justice Ministries’ Just.Wash program, a mobile car wash service. Justice Industries employs survivors of trauma such as homelessness, incarceration, addiction, mental illness, and domestic violence. Current recipients include Project Return, Crossroads Campus, and Humphreys Street Coffee. Recently, Humphreys Street Coffee began offering coffee service at St. George’s on Sunday morning. Parishioners are invited to enjoy Humphreys Street Coffee and breakfast foods in the Jones Rotunda. To date, SGEM has given $516,434 to partner ministries such as these.

Additional Mission & Outreach Offerings

Mission Days

St. George’s hosts quarterly Mission Days during which we send out volunteers to serve our community at various organizations in the morning, then return to the church to share lunch, fellowship, and prayer. Over 100 parishioners worked at several partner sites in Nashville and Waverly, TN in September, and we look forward to our next Mission Day in December.

Jones Paideia Elementary School

One of St. George’s flourishing partnerships involves our friends at Jones Paideia Elementary School in North Nashville. Over the last year we have mentored students, distributed food and clothing, appreciated teachers, donated books, purchased art supplies and prepared bulletin boards. Our most recent project is helping to build an outdoor classroom.

Room in the Inn

Over 100 volunteers at St. George’s welcome, feed, and host guests each week in the winter months in support of Nashville's Room in the Inn program. Volunteers serve as hosts and stock supplies to help those experiencing homelessness during the coldest months of the year. We provide toiletries, gently used clothing and shoes, and outerwear, including scarves lovingly made by St. George’s prayer shawl ministry. Bus drivers and innkeepers are the backbone of the ministry, helping transport and provide a safe night’s stay at the church. This intergenerational ministry guarantees that guests are served a warm meal and generous hospitality.

Our Little Roses

Our Little Roses provides a full-time residential home for abused, abandoned, and neglected girls in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. St. George’s sent its first mission group to Our Little Roses in 1993 and has continued to do so every year. While COVID complicated our international travel efforts in 2020-2021, we were still able to meet with the girls for a week-long adventure over Zoom. The week-long summer trip has grown from approximately 20 people to as many as 50 people, with a mix of adults and youth. During the summer trip, volunteers work on a building improvement project as well as participate in group activities with the girls including arts and crafts, reading, games, and excursions. A small group of adults return each February with a focus on relationship building.

Approximately 500 people have participated in these trips over 28 years. St. George’s has a steadfast relationship with the girls. In fact, many graduates of Our Little Roses have visited St. George’s and have maintained long-term relationships with our church members.

Scouts BSA (formerly Boy Scouts of America)

Troop 31 was founded in 1920 and has been chartered at St. George's Episcopal Church since 1957. Troop 31 continues to shape youth through community service, mastering skills, and leadership opportunities. In 2018, Scouts BSA Troop 78 established their charter at St. George’s, opening doors for girls to participate in this important youth leadership program at our parish. Over the years, several generations of parishioners have earned the rank of Eagle Scout, scouting's highest rank, including two young women in Troop 78’s inaugural year.

Annual Grant Partners

St. George’s commits 10% of its annual budget to provide financial support for organizations in our community and around the world. Recipients apply annually and funds are allocated based on each year’s budget. These grant partners are also supported through hands-on volunteer efforts, including our quarterly Mission Days.

2020 Grant Partners

  • 4:13 Strong
  • Alive Hospice
  • Anglican Frontier Missions
  • The Branch of Nashville
  • BrightStone, Inc.
  • Building Lives Foundation, Inc.
  • Church of the Holy Trinity
  • Cumberland Heights Foundation, Inc.
  • DuBose Conference Center
  • Episcopal School of Nashville
  • Faith Family Medical Clinic
  • Harvest Hands Community Development Corporation
  • Helping Holy Land Christians
  • Lambscroft Ministries (The Cookery)
  • Learning Matters, Inc.
  • Legacy Mission Village
  • Life for the Innocent
  • Matthew 25, Inc.
  • Medical Foundation of Nashville
  • Mercy Multiplied
  • Nashville Fellows Program
  • Nations Ministry Center
  • The Next Door, Inc.
  • Operation Andrew Group: United4Hope
  • Our Little Roses
  • Preston Taylor Ministries
  • Redbird
  • Restore Small Groups
  • Room in the Inn
  • Safe Haven Family Shelter
  • Scouts BSA Troop 78
  • Siloam Health
  • St. Luke's Community House
  • Tennessee Kids Belong
  • The University of the South, School of Theology

St. George's Kindergarten

St. George’s Kindergarten (“SGK”) enjoys a rich history dating back more than 70 years when a small kindergarten was started in the church’s Sunday school classrooms. In the years since, it has grown to become the largest Episcopal preschool in the country with more than 340 children walking through the doors each week.

Though technically a preschool, “St. George’s Kindergarten” is the original name given to the school by the church in 1950. SGK provides programs for children ages one through five with the goal of developing a love of learning and curiosity in each child, which encourages self-expression through language, music, art, and dramatic play. All children participate in music class every day, presenting seasonal programs and end-of-the-year spectaculars such as a Noah’s Ark program and a rendition of Peter Pan that is loved by all. Our older children learn Spanish and attend Chapel each week. A St. George’s priest serves as the dedicated Kindergarten chaplain and Cate Jones, Director of Children’s and Family Ministries, is instrumental in this programming as well.

For many of our youngest parishioners, the kindergarten is an entry point to the life of faith. To be in the church building every day, to know the priests and staff, to be shown love, to be taught the Christian faith in preschool terms, and to generally experience the church in such a positive environment has laid a solid foundation for our children to be followers of Jesus.  Every year, we recognize the opportunity for kindergarten families to join the church in response to their positive experience with the kindergarten.

Nashville Fellows Program

The Nashville Fellows Program is a nine-month Christian leadership and discipleship program for young adults. It offers recent college graduates a holistic opportunity to enhance their understanding of who they are called to be in Christ and to engage their calling for the advancement of God's kingdom in every aspect of life.

The Fellows Program runs from late August to May and is hosted by a collaboration of churches in the Nashville area. Through this unique ecumenical approach, we seek to equip young people to both understand the relevance of Christ in our culture and to develop a framework for engaging this culture towards his redemptive and transformative power.

Each year several fellows are placed at St. George’s, living with host families, and working in the community. Parishioners also serve as mentors to the fellows in their final months of the program, providing guidance and support for the next chapter of their lives. We have enjoyed such a positive relationship that several fellows have joined our Youth and Family Ministries staff, helping those ministries thrive.


The new Bradford Gallery was completed as part of our recent capital campaign. Its light-filled, museum quality space is designed to engage the Christian imagination and celebrate the fullness of God's kingdom through rotating exhibits.

This summer we hosted the stunning multimedia exhibit Pillars of Faith, featuring artist Ted Jones. Ted Jones draws his inspiration from the wealth of human experience, specifically the Black experience, and Old and New Testament subjects. He works in a variety of media, largely focusing on copper repoussé reliefs, printmaking, painting, and wood sculpture. While his medium often changes with each new project, Jones has developed a signature graphic style that has carried throughout his career. Curvaceous lines, bold figurative elements, rich detail, and an expert use of negative space can always be expected in his images.

Malcolm Guite is an English poet, Anglican priest and academic. He earned degrees from Cambridge and Durham Universities and is a Bye fellow and chaplain of Girton College, Cambridge and associate chaplain of St. Edward King and Martyr in Cambridge.

Bruce Herman’s art has been exhibited in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, and in England, Israel, Japan, and Hong Kong. His work is in the collections of the Vatican Museum in Rome, Cincinnati Museum of Fine Arts, and the Hammer Museum Grunewald Print Collection in Los Angeles.

J.A.C. Redford is a composer, conductor, and arranger. Among many television and film scores, he orchestrated the score for Avatar, WALL-E, Finding Dory, and Skyfall, for which he arranged and conducted Adele’s Oscar-winning title song.


Year to Date Ending December 31, 2020 Financial Statement

  Current Year
Where does the money come from?  
Pledges 3,418,498
Unpledged Gifts 367,623
Endowment & Interest 140,249
Kindergarten & Other 59,585
Total Receipts $3,985,954
Where does the money go?  
Clergy & Staff Expense (less consulting) 1,868,877
Consulting 62,950
Communications & Supplies 103,589
Administration & Stewardship 207,481
Building, Grounds & Maintenance 558,647
Worship 258,240
Discipleship & Formation 92,682
Outreach & Mission 368,803
Diocese Contribution 419,333
Parish Life & Pastoral Care 8,892
Parish Life 36,461
Total Expenses $3,985,954



Planned Giving

Planned giving is an important part of St. George’s financial picture. When making a planned gift, donors may give to one of the following endowed areas of greatest need, as approved by the St. George’s vestry. Contributors are automatically made members of the Cornerstone Society which exists to recognize, honor, and thank those who have made provision for St. George’s in their estate plans.

  • The General Endowment Fund
  • The Phillips Maintenance Fund for capital improvements, property maintenance, landscaping, and maintenance reserves.
  • The Outreach Endowment Fund for the many outreach programs in the local community andaround the world.

Estate gifts are designated for the General Endowment Fund unless otherwise specified or if there is an unusual need. The General Endowment Fund contributes 3% of its average balance of the prior three years to the church’s current year operations as well as supports material initiatives such as the latest capital campaign ($1 million gift). Its balances for the last five years are shown below. Board members are appointed by the vestry and serve a five-year term along with the rector and senior warden.

  2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Fund Investments          
Episcopal Endowment Corporation 3,487,973 4,007,900 3,824,489 4,511,810 4,551,841
Wells Fargo Liquidity Account 1,131,742 1,147,001 727,205 684,717 53,085
Receivables 19,883 9,300 322,855 39,000 39,000
Total $4,639,598 $5,164,201 $4,874,549 $5,235,527 $4,643,926


St. George’s is governed by the vestry, which has material responsibility for the parish within a commission/committee structure. Our current vestry is comprised of 12 church members. New vestry members are elected annually to serve three-year terms. Within the vestry there are three commissioners who each take responsibility for overseeing one of the three components of our mission statement, "receiving, living, and sharing the abundant life of Jesus Christ."  Along with the wardens and treasurer, the commissioners comprise the Executive Committee of the vestry.

Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee

St. George’s is the largest parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee. The Diocese of Tennessee, originally encompassing the entire state and now comprising the Middle Tennessee region, was organized, and held its first convention in Nashville in 1829. Its first bishop, James Hervey Otey, was consecrated in 1833. Early parishes were St. Paul’s, Franklin; Christ Church, Nashville; St. Peter’s, Columbia; and Trinity, Clarksville. The Diocese of West Tennessee, with its seat in Memphis, was created in 1982, and the Diocese of East Tennessee, with its seat in Knoxville, was created in 1985: part of a vision for the further development of the mission and ministry of the Episcopal Church along the lines of the three regions of the state.

Today our diocese includes over 16,000 baptized members in 45 cathedral, parish, mission, and chaplaincy churches, as well as two mission stations and other affiliated ministries. Christ Church, Nashville, was designated the cathedral of the diocese in 1997. The Rt. Rev. John Crawford Bauerschmidt was consecrated the eleventh bishop of the Diocese of Tennessee on January 27, 2007. The diocese includes urban, suburban, and rural congregations as well as The University of the South in Sewanee. Admitted into union with the General Convention in 1829, the Diocese of Tennessee is part of the Episcopal Church, a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion.