Celebrating the Close of our Campaign to Rebuild

Dear Friends, 
It is with tremendous gratitude that I write to announce the successful completion of “The Living Waters Capital Campaign.” We celebrated the conclusion of this vitally important ministry at the annual Fall Parish Picnic on August 19, and I offer my great appreciation for each of you who contributed so generously.  Thanks to you, we accomplished our original goal, securing donations and pledges of $6.7 million.
I know you join me in celebrating the complete success of the campaign. Over 430 households contributed or have made pledges to this ministry. We were blessed with some extraordinary donations, including an anonymous household who matched contributions beyond $6 million. In many cases we were surprised by larger than expected gifts, and, in every case we were very grateful for God’s inspiration of your generosity. Thank you!
-Leigh +

The Living Waters Campaign

We have been moved to understand that the source of our peril is also the source of our renewal. To realize our promise to honor our God, our church and one another. Living Waters is that promise. 

Through this movement, we will raise the funds necessary to repair and restore our church home, to plant
seeds for future ministries and to reach out in meaningful ways to our neighbors in Nashville – and beyond.
The St. George’s congregation has labored with seemingly endless energy and dedication since the flood waters ravaged our church home on May 2, 2010. We have worked side by side to reclaim spaces and reopen doors.
However, major repair and restoration are still required in order to restore St. George’s to its original glory and to build
for an even greater future. Significant renovations and reasonable yet meaningful improvements made possible by
Living Waters funds will include:
• The completion of current repair and restoration
• Restoration of the hallway linking the administrative offices to our meeting rooms and the church
• A much more expansive public gathering space
• A renovated library and more prominently located and expanded bookstore
• A new floor plan in Johnson Hall to increase space and versatility
• A more efficient configuration of entries into Hampton Hall
We will tithe 10 percent of every dollar raised through Living Waters to other less fortunate flood victims in the Nashville community. This philanthropic outreach is consistent with St. George’s Strategic Plan and intends to make the greatest impact for the most good in a targeted way.
Read more of our documentation and images of the days after the flood.
To receive more information about Living Waters, contact the church office at 385-2150. 

Living Waters Campaign Video

Presented at November gatherings. Extra copies of Living Waters materials can be obtained through the church office. 

An Invitation for Living Waters

From the Rev. R. Leigh Spruill, Oct. 28, 2010


Make Your Pledge to Living Waters 

Automatic Payments

Please call Kathy Bradley at 385-2150 x 241 to request an ACH or Credit Card authorization form to set up automatic monthly payments for your Living Waters pledge.