The Flood of 2010

The St. George’s congregation has labored with seemingly endless energy and dedication since the flood waters ravaged our church home. We have worked side by side to reclaim spaces and reopen doors. We have been moved to understand that the source of our peril is also the source of our renewal. To realize our promise to honor our God, our church and one another. Living Waters is that promise. Read more about Living Waters. Follow the progress since the flood in May by reading the church updates from Clergy and Vestry below.


Updates from the Church

  August 12 A Glimpse Behind the Walls

  August 1 Preventing Future Flooding

  June 30  Update from the Senior Warden

  June 16  Update from the Senior Warden 

  June 9  An Update on Progress

  May 28  How Can I Help?

  May 23  Opportunities in Crisis

  May 18 Update from the Senior Warden

  Getting Still, then Stirred Up, by the Rev. Timothy Jones

  May 15 More Ruminations on the Flood 

  May 13 Update from Joanna Williams, Children's Discipleship

  May 11 "An Opportunity" by The Rev. Marcia C. King

  May 10  Update from the Junior Warden

  May 8  Update from the Rector

  May 7  Update from the Rector

           Parish Life Update

           Kindergarten Update for Parents

           Outreach Update

 May 6 Update from the Rector and Senior Warden

 May 5 Update and Announcement about Sunday Morning Worship

          News from the Worship and Christian Discipleship Commission

 May 4 An Update from the Rector

 May 3 An Update from the Senior Warden


These are pictures taken on May 2, 2010 at St. George's as the flood waters started to come into the church. All who were on the property helped to move as much as they could from out of harm's way.  After they did all that was possible, they celebrated Eucharist together upstairs in a classroom.  (See more photo albums below.)



Photos from May 3, 2010

Photos of the Cleanup



These YouTube links show the strong currents that rushed through the church on May 2, 2010 during the flood.

St George's Church overcome by flood

St. George's Church in Belle Meade during flood

Prayers & Reflections Sent from around the World

Dear Brothers in Christ,

It is with great sadness to learn of the Floods and the extent of damage to properties especially our church St Georges. We are with you in prayer during this challenging time in the life of your parish and your community. We give thanks to God for the lives preserved from the flood. I saw it on the CNN news and was shattered by what I saw.

I have shared these sad news with our bishop and he is requesting the contact details of your bishop so that he may be in contact with him to offer support.

Kindly send our love to Leigh and the clergy team.


Fr Xolani Dlwati (Former Rector at St. Thomas Parish, Kagiso, South Africa)

Prayers for St. George's Nashville as well as all of middle Tennessee were offered at services today by Trinity Church Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

Thinking and praying for all of you,

Peggy Raney

We have intercessors here at Ridley Hall, Cambridge, UK, praying.

Richard Kew

God bless the Clergy, staff and parishners in this time of need. I know I am far away but my thoughts and prayers are certainly at home during this time.

Please be safe!


Matthew M. C. Smith

MAJ, AR (Currently stationed in Afghanistan)

My husband and I are former members who hope to return to St. George's in the near future.

10 years ago we had a 500 year flood with 9 feet of water in our home.  We know first hand the devastation this causes.  One bit of advice which I can pass along is any important papers or photos should be color copied as soon as possible.  If the originals can not be dried and salvaged, the copies will be a substitution.

Our rector at Trinity Church, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin is Father Gary Manning, who is an acquan of Father Spruill's.  I will ask that St. George's be remembered in daily prayers there.  These are times that I wish we were already back in Nashville.  Please let us know if we can do more from here.

Thoughts and prayers are  with you

Peggy and Dick Raney, Wisconsin

God bless our precious St. George community . . . Our hearts are broken; however, we know the Lord is with us!  Dale and I anxiously await the opportunity to help in any way we can.  Although we were spared, our neighbors have suffered much.   

Isaiah 43, what a perfect verse for St. George at this time . . .

Lovingly in Christ,

Dale and Suzie Harris