Live Video

Now you can watch all services from St. George’s main sanctuary - live in stereo on the Internet, with archives on demand. Never miss Church again!

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Streaming Video at St. George's

This technological addition to St. George’s is a valuable outreach tool in so many different ways. It's a way to bring St. George's services and music to those families moving to Nashville and looking for a church home, or to parishioners who are traveling out of town or are sick, or to the elderly, shut-ins, or nursing home residents who are unable to attend, and even to American servicemen and women abroad.  St. George's has regular weekly viewers around the world. Emails have arrived from all continents telling us they like our church service, or they enjoy our music programs, and even thanking us for making it possible to view a particular wedding...or funeral.  As a part of the ongoing technological upgrades around the Church, St. George's has installed a video production suite to handle up to 3 robotic or manned cameras to feed a live picture from the Nave not only to the Internet, but also to Johnson and Hampton Halls. This solution offers a welcome alternative to the folding chairs, crowded aisles and congested narthex that had been a fact of life for the overflow congregations of our major holiday services. For the first time in our Church history, overflow crowds can see and hear comfortably all that is happening during the service via the large video projection and audio systems installed in Johnson Hall and Hampton Hall. With the equipment in place in these two halls, video and audio streams can also originate from these two venues as well, if needed.

Apostles of Sound/Vergers of Video

The Apostles of Sound/Vergers of Video ministry, which trains and provides volunteers in the manning of the main sanctuary’s audio and video systems, is always looking for tech-savvy individuals to be TV directors and audio engineers.  There is no experience necessary, and there are no age limits. We have skilled video directors as young as twelve and as old as their 50s, male and female.  To find out more, or to join the Apostles of Sound/Vergers of Video group, contact Jim Williams.

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