Enrollment Procedures & Elibibility for School Year 2012-13

Enrollment Procedures and Eligibility

Thank you for your interest in St. George’s Kindergarten and Mother’s Day Out. We know that choosing a preschool is a very important decision, and we are grateful that you would consider St. George’s for your child’s early education.

Please note the following enrollment procedures:

  • Applications for enrollment will be accepted September 1st through December 15th of the year prior to anticipated enrollment. (For example: Applications accepted September 2012, for enrollment in the 2013-14 school year.) A non refundable $75 fee must accompany each application.
  • Anyone (Church members, present siblings, past siblings, Mother’s Day Out, and community) applying after the deadline December 15th, will go to the end of the wait list.
  • Students currently attending the Kindergarten will have first priority for space in the next Kindergarten program level the following year. (For example: A student attending the four year old program level will have first priority for spaces in the five year old program level.)
  • Students currently attending MDO (Mother’s Day Out) will have first priority for space in the next MDO program level the following year. (For example: A student attending Group I will have first priority for space in Group 2 or 3.)
  • MDO students will automatically move up to the Kindergarten.
  • A waiting list based on the priority guidelines will be created when space is not available for all applicants. Written notification will be sent to applicants on the waiting list when space becomes available. The waiting list will be cleared each year at the end of school. Students on the waiting list, but not yet accepted to our program, must reapply
  • The admission committee meets the 2nd week of January to fill enrollment for the following school year.

Because St. George’s is blessed by a growing number of applicants, and spaces in our program are limited, the Enrollment Committee has established a set of specific guidelines to fill the remaining class spaces. To make sure our classes are balanced, all applicants will be separated into boy and girl classifications. Applicants are then admitted taking into consideration the following priorities:

  1. St. George’s Episcopal Church communicants (confirmed/received members) who have demonstrated a steady commitment to the church of time, talent and resources for at least two years prior to application. This commitment would include church attendance, involvement in church activities, and programs, and stewardship. A communicant’s eligibility will be reviewed annually, and in cases where other factors are equal, the longevity of an applicant’s membership at St. George’s church may be considered.
  2. Present Siblings-Applicants with a sibling attending the Kindergarten or MDO in the same year.
  3. Students currently attending MDO
  4. Past Siblings-Applicants that are siblings but do not have a current siblings attending Kindergarten or MDO in the same year.
  5. Community applicants

Example One

Jane and John Doe have applied to the St. George’s Kindergarten for the admission of their two-year old daughter Jamie. John Doe grew up at St. George’s and is an alumnus of the Kindergarten. John left Nashville ten years ago in order to attend college in Virginia and only recently returned to Nashville and to the St. George’s community. Since returning to the parish six months ago, the Doe’s have become active in a couple’s Bible study, spent two Saturdays working on a Habitat for Humanity house, and have offered regular financial contributions to the church. While the Doe’s are certainly active in the life of the parish and meet the regular contributions requirement, they have not been communicants in good standing for two consecutive years or more. Thus, they are not given top priority according the guidelines established by the Enrollment Committee.

Example Two

Mike and Mary Martino have been members at St. George’s since they began attending Vanderbilt in the early nineties. Since getting married and having a child, their church attendance has been sporadic. The last time they attended a Sunday morning service at St. George’s was Easter Sunday three years ago. The Martino’s attended last year’s Harvest Dinner with some friends, but are not actively involved in any other ministry of the church. There is no record of any financial contribution to the parish since a two thousand and two general offering. While the Martino’s meet the longevity criteria, they are not considered active communicants in good standing because of their inactivity in the parish. They will not be given top priority in admissions decisions.

Example Three

Paul and Paula Pierce transferred in to St. George’s three years ago and have remained active since their arrival. Paul serves on the vestry and co-leads a men’s discipleship group every week. Paula is an active member of the outreach committee, recently served as a coordinator for the Youth Kick-off and hosts a couple’s Bible study with Paul in their home every third Tuesday. They recently returned from a family trip to Honduras to support Our Little Roses Orphanage with a short-term mission team from St. George’s. The Pierce’s submit a pledge card each year and openly share their enthusiastic support of the Lord’s work at St. George’s and in the greater Nashville community. Because they meet each of the criteria established by the Enrollment Committee, the Pierce’s receive top priority as Communicants in Good Standing when being considered for admissions to the St. George’s Kindergarten, which is a direct outreach of St. George’s Church.


  • Mother’s Day Out- 9 months to 33 months.
  • Three  Year Olds................................Child turns 3 years of age by January 1st 2012
  • Four Year Olds.................................. Child turns 4 years of age by January 1st 2012
  • Five Year Olds....................................Child turns 5 years of age by January 1st 2012


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